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    Let's start a pool for the date the LAST visor ordered prior to 10/20 will be recieved, and whether it will be a phone order or a web order....

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    I would certainly be in the running. As I said in my last topic, I was told today (11/15) to patiently wait another week and a half for my 9/16 order. At least it would be nice to win a valuable prize for the delay.
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    I have to agree, this is getting ridiculous. I won't be cancelling my order, because I still feel this is the best PDA for the money. My Franklin Planner will do until it gets here. But I'll also warrant that Handspring will have serious competition "spring up" next year, and I won't ever have to order product from this company again. And believe me, if my Visor isn't in my hands come Friday, I won't ever willingly buy their products again. They have us over a barrell and they know it. I'm getting sick of hearing "two more weeks" from them... I've heard that for so long now...

    I'll quit ranting now... my personal bet is for December 27, and it will be a web order from 10/6... probably mine!

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