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    Despite the fulfillment horror stories I've been reading here, I've decided that I do want to go ahead and order a Visor Deluxe. My question is, what's the best route to take for the order - web or phone? I work for an e-commerce software company, so I'm usually pro-online-ordering, but it seems that many of the problems stemmed from orders placed on-line. Can anyone confirm that for me? Have phone orders been fulfilled any better, or are there problems no matter where I order?

    Thanks for your help, and good luck to all who are waiting for theirs to arrive!

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    If I had it to do all over again, I would order on the Web Page again!

    By now I think the Web Store is stable and shouldn't give you any problems.

    Email confirmation with order number so if you have to call the CSR, they can bring up your order.

    With your order number, you can track your order online - granted the information is slim but at least you know it is in the system.

    I ordered mine on the Web Store, had to change my CC information and received mine within the 4 to 6 week time period. Actuall 5 weeks to the day.

    I do alot of online ordering too and so far, Handspring's Web order system seems to be the way to go.

    I know others will have other opinions, this is just my experience and 2 cents.

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    I vote for the web.

    I ordered on the web 10/6.

    Even though I haven't received my visor yet they are still within the time frame I was quoted. Based on the received log it look like mine and all of the other 10/6 - 10/7 phone / web orders should go out early next week. They might have even shipped today.

    At least I know that my order, address and billing are correct when they get around to shipping and billing.
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    It's true that ordering online will allow you to confirm that you are in the order database. However, I called the customer support number this morning (early, so the traffic would be light), requested my order status and was unable even to get my order number out when the CSR adamantly told me that the only way I could check my order status would be on the website since I ordered online (I placed my order on 10/7 and my order# is in the low 2000s). The only info I can get there is that I did indeed place an order, what I ordered and how much it costs. What I wanted was to check was to see if I had typed my CC# correctly. I know he was following instructions, but all the same my inability to get ANY info from the CSR was frustrating & kind of ticked me off. In this way, online customers are relegated to the back of the bus, so to speak, as phone customers are able to check their orders by phone. That, as I see it, is the downside to WEB ordering.

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    Here are the answers your questions in order:

    1. Actually most of the problems that Handspring has stemmed from the phone order system. Poor data handling caused lot of problems that they are still working out. This has pushed ALL orders back some while they get their act together.

    2. The priority has gone to the earlist orders (after they noticed they were shipping out of order) and to people that call and complain. I foolishly/actually belive that they are going to sort out these problems by the end of the week. (11/19)

    3. As stated in another post, it sounds like they CSRs are now using the Web page to place your order anyway.

    Bottom Line: I would eliminate the "middle man" and not order via phone. Go straight to the web site so you can SEE your info going in.

    FYI -- I ordered 10/6. order number in low 1100's. I am still waiting for mine. When I heard about the original problems ordering via phone I waited for the web store to open. (I also wanted a custom case so I was waiting to see those too.)

    Good Luck whatever you decide and enjoy it when/if it arrives! :-)

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    I ordered through the web on 10/7 #29xx for many of the above reasons. I am not sure if it is the best way though.

    There have only been two people (as reported here) that ordered through the web and received their Visor. I suspect that it was because they complained a lot.

    On the other hand people that ordered 10/14+ are reporting that their credit cards are being charged and receiving Visors.

    I am starting to get seriously disallusioned....


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