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    I know HS has been shipping on Saturday but have they been paying the extra to have Saturday delievery?
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    Yes, I believe they have. Handspring is really trying to correct itself. All you guys that are canceling and getting palm. I believe is a huge mistake. I have not seen one post on this board when they were dissatisfied with the Visor after they recieved it. Remember no pain no gain.
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    I'm not giving up on my 10/6 web order, just curious.
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    It would be a mistake to have Saturday delivery... I and others I know have all packages shipped to a work address instead of home which would create a real problem since my company isn't open on weekends...

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    >Remember: No pain, no gain.

    Well . . . maybe not. Eventually HandSpring is going to have to get to the point of "Order it today it ships tomorrow". They're a LONG way from that and I don't see how they'll get there with the company they're using to take their orders now.

    The pain we're all going through right now is pretty unbelievable for a high tech on-line ordering company. I ordered cases from RhinoSkins and got them the next day. That's what we should expect. Oh well, 2 more weeks and I'll be at 6 weeks of waiting. Then I'll start ranting.

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