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    I ordered a Visor on 10/6 as a birthday present for my husband. Since I constantly monitored this discussion board, I knew that it was extremely unlikely that the present would arrive by 11/6, the big day. Nevertheless, we waited. Yesterday, 11/11, I called Handspring at the non-800 number they have for people to check the status of the orders. I asked the rep who answered the phone whether he can check the status of my order -- maybe give me an estimate of where I am in line, so to speak -- and confirm that Handspring properly recorded my request to change the color of the Visor (I had called the day after my order and talked to a rep to change from blue to graphite; she assured me that she'd take care of it but doubts arose in my mind in light of all the troubles others encountered). His immediate response was: I don't have access to that information. I told him I have an order number and he said he can't access the file. With respect to whether Handspring actually noted my color change request, he said that the information would have been sent to the California people. I then asked whether he could direct me to someone who could answer my inquiries (why did he answer the phone anyway? I thought the line was inquiries like mine?) -- after some hesitation, he said he'll go talk to a supervisor. I was placed on hold for a bit, then he returned to ask for my order number; apparently the supervisor can look up the file and perhaps help me. After another brief "holding" session, he returned to the phone and said he should take my name and phone number down and the supervisor will call me later.

    This experience, along with the others recited on this board, convinced me to cancel my order. While the Visor may be a good product, Handspring showed a lot of shortsightedness when it failed to anticipate the need for adequate staffing, among other things. I am concerned that if I run into technical or other problems after I receive the Visor, Handspring would not provide me with adequate support. I don't have time to deal with these problems (and I don't need the aggravation). Right after I cancelled, I ordered a Palm IIIx (because of the 4 mg and expandable memory) from for $209 and change. I paid an extra $33 for second day air. To my surprise, I received the Palm IIIx today at the office -- shipped it Next Day Air via UPS. Now that's customer service. My husband is estatic.
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    Good Job.. You did the right thing !
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    Well, I hate to have to disagree with MicroMan, but you settled for second best. The Visor is VERY cool and a fantastic PDA. You could have had a better, faster, more flexible PDA for less money if you only would have waited.
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    Bobby, Micro, Staad:

    IMHO, Bobby, you did the right thing as well. The PDA is great but the ancillary horsesh*t isn't worth it right now. So Staad is right as well. You should wait until Handspring gets its sh*t together.

    Mebbe if you order one now, it will get to you early enough to give it as a gift _next_ year.
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    You did the right thing also, I will say.

    IMO there is nothing wrong with the Palm IIIx, in fact, that's what I ordered my girlfriend through VA for 160. I would have ordered a Visor for 180, but I want to actually give it to her for Xmas.

    For me the visor was a no brainer as a first organizer.. that and I ordered back in September 14.

    I don't see there being any MAJOR gotta have springboards for quite some time, probably not till late spring/early summer. By then, he can sell his IIIx if he so desires, but for the next 6 months he'll have a good organizer on him.
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    I just called a CSR and was told that there is no way to check my order information because I ordered through the web on that horrendous OCT 7 date. I told them that I needed to know which credit card I used (so I could check if a debit occured on my own) and I was told, again, that there was no way. When I asked to change my information - he said that he could do that. Then I asked how he could change the info if he can't even look it up??
    To me it seems like a run around. I can't check it now, and if I change the info, I can't check it then. . .

    Has anyone else with web orders been able to check their information? I am just about at the 6 week mark and want to make sure that all of the numbers etc. are correct.


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    I feel your pain. I ordered on 10/6, and the posts that I keep seeing are not encouraging. I will tell you though that someone at the toll-free number can access web orders. I called recently (last Thursday) to make a change to my second order (add a serial cradle), and had them check on my web order (original order). I had the CSR read my info to me so I could verify its accuracy. So, I think they can provide order info for web orders, its just that they probably don't want to.

    The 2 week additional delay concerns me greatly. First it was Oct 31 (which was hard enough to swallow at the time), then 4-6 weeks, and now up to 8 weeks? I can only hope that this new info is incorrect...

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    Has anyone heard this 8 week nonsense from someone other than a CSR? So far, none of the info I've heard about from the CSR's has been reliable...
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    And, as usual, the CSR's aren't all telling the same story... I just called (toll free) to check the status of my order, and the CSR was able to check my (10/6) online order, verified the info, and she told me it WOULD be shipped by the end of this week, and since I paid for express shipping, it would be delivered within one-two business days of being shipped.

    Geez, I just wish they'd all tell the same story. I don't want to bug the people at HS HQ again, but this is getting really ridiculous. While I like the answer I got from the CSR today, I'm wondering if it's accurate, since no billing is showing on my CC yet... :-(

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