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    Of course, you could have just run the Palm Desktop on your PC and printed out all of your saved datebook data and run on paper until it showed up...
    There is a big difference between "gotta" have a PDA right now and "wanna" have a pda right now.
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    DMKozak, I'm in exactly that situation. My poor Palm 3 died. Sure is hard living without once you've had one...
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    staad, you're absolutely right. If, I wanted to print things out a dozen or more times a day. I rely on my Palm as the primary PIM, and the computer as, more or less, the backup. I probably enter and change data directly into my Palm anywhere from 10 to 30 times a day. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems your way might tend to get a bit cumbersome.
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    Cumbersome, yes. Workable, yes. PDA required, no! Remember that the "A" in PDA stands for assistant. It doesn't do your work for you, it only assists you. Now I'm the first to say that they are REALLY cool and make some tasks easier (they can also be a pain in the rear!), but they are in no way necessary. We can live without them - quite well, thank you. The wait for a Visor isn't killing anyone, or causing anyone to get fired (except maybe some SCR's and Marketing guys...but that's another story). Don't fry a noodle and go out and buy some other PDA because you can't have a Visor RIGHT NOW! You decided that the Visor was the best choice or you wouldn't have ordered it in the forst place, right? So why settle for second best?
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    Let's talk about compensation. Like Kgrate, I too have been jumping through my own Handspring hoops to get my BVDx. I have to give credit to all those who are still waiting after ordering during the first few days. I have been waiting since the beginning of the third week of Sept, with no signs that I'll be receiving it any time soon -- and it's driving me up the wall. I like to think of myself as being patient, but this is ridiculous. After several calls with hours on-hold and several e-mails, I don't feel like I am any closer to receiving it in an "escalated" manner. Each time I contact them, they tell me its on its way and to wait another week.
    MY MAIN POINT. So does anyone else feel like there should be some sort of compensation in the spirit of good CUSTOMER SERVICE to all those customers that have been trying to be "patient" all this time? I was thinking along the lines of some sort of discount on our order, or maybe something as simple as a pack of extra stylus (styli?). If anyone feels the same way, please post it or send me an e-mail and maybe we'll be able to coordinate something.


    P.S. -- Did anyone look at the VC receiving log and see that some folks received their Visor after only 9 day!?!?!?!?!?!
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    I too have been waiting since September 16th and am very frustrated. I finally stooped to emailing Donna directly and she replied to me today telling me she would forward my request for status to someone directly at Handspring. I really hope this helps. I agree that those of us still waiting should receive something a little extra for our "patience" I wouldn't mind one of those Handspring caps they've got on their site or a free pack of styli at least.

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    That's old ground that we've been over time and again. You're getting FedEx overnight shipping at no extra charge and an apology from EVERYONE at HS! I would really hate to be fielding the calls and emails at HS HQ right now. I wouldn't mind a little later down the road if the get stock options, though!
    The 5 packs have only been sent to those with duplicate orders sent in error.
    The Visor is the lowest price point/highest featured PDA on the market. What more do you want? Welcome to the bleeding edge of tech!
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    I've been waiting since the 17th of Sept. and just found out that most or all Canadian orders have been held up for unspecified reasons - of course nobody told us this for the last 8 weeks... Reason enough for some form of acknowledgement, if not styli or something...
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    My background is in law and finance, and I'm convinced they will fail soon because it's been two months and it still took me almost forty minutes just to reach a customer service representative yesterday (after calling throughout the day three times).

    And after speaking with both a phone-answerer and a supervisor (not Barry), I didn't get any definitive information as to when the credits to my card will occur. What they've fine-tuned to a razor-sharp edge is the excuse patterns:

    "I will fire off an e-mail to make sure they're aware of the problem and we'll get back to you."

    This hasn't worked to advise anyone in connection with my situation vis-a-vis Handspring, and I have yet to receive a phone call from anyone from this company, despite several promises of their people to do so.

    And my main reason for expecting this company to fail is that their customer service, tech support and internal organization is so god-awful that it's not worth getting a product from them knowing that if it fails it will be another wild goose-chase just to obtain a replacement or repair of the unit.

    Considering they've got customer service people in California, Toronto, and their return center is in Louisville, Kentucky, I hope they decide to expand operations and put their next customer service location in Mexico, Alaska, or somewhere in Nebraska, just so they can continue using the excuse of the geographical disparity of locations prevents them from obtaining up-to-the-minute information to provide to their customers and former customers.
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    staad, let me just say you're right, you're always right. No sense trying to get you to think someone else could be happy with something you don't think is best. However, your reading skills leave a bit to be desired. I never said the IIIx was second best to the Visor. I never said I ordered a Visor. I did say I ended up with a IIIx for $142 in 2 days, and I am very happy with it. It does everything I need it to do. I needed a PDA, not the newest, trendiest gadget. Visors are great, but I am happy with my IIIx. I hope you're as happy with whatever you're using.
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    WHERE did you get your IIIx for $142? I'd like to know because I'm gonna order one if I don't have my Visor by a week before Thanksgiving. I have a very particular friend with a IIIx and he's tickled pink with it. BTW, ordered VDX online on 10/7 and can get NO information at all from the CSR about my order status.
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    Don't be not nice to Staad, he _IS_ always right. :-) And omniscient, too. :-) Why, he was the one saying that the Visor was better than the Vx too, despite not even having a Visor at the time.

    And you and I both know that the IIIx and the Vx are awful products and that he would be using a WinCE product, or prolly just printing out his schedule and his contacts and everything else, if not for the Visor, Handspring and their two-month wait, complimentary overnight shipping...

    So bow to your leader. :-)

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    Hot Carl,

    But I DO have a Visor...And I DO read the reviews...And I HAVE used ALL of the Palm units. You see, I was FORCED (yes, they twisted my arm) to evaluate ALL the Palm units for my boss, who was looking for a PDA to adopt as a standard. Guess which one we are buying? I'll give you a hint...It isn't made by 3Com.

    We've gone over this ground before, but as an outline, the Palm line price/performance ratio is far too high. Buy a Vx and instead of getting Springboard, you get hamstrung by a terrible battery design (factory installed pack) and a case that is far less durable (pressed metal) than the Visor. It doesn't get any better as you go down the Palm line.

    Why are all of these people here? Because they believe that the Visor is a superior product. If the Palm was so great, they would have purchased a Palm. You think the Palm is pretty cool. Good for you. You are in the minority here. As a Visor owner (yes, it's right here!), I can tell you that those who reviewed the unit were correct in giving glowing reviews. It is great! It is everything positive that the reviewers reported, and more!

    Also, I'm not all-knowing. I just stay well informed. As for never being wrong. I'm paid to not be wrong! That's why I stay well informed. Life is great here on the leading edge...

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    You were touting the Visor as the best PDA on the market well before you received your Visor. At least that's the information you've indicated elsewhere in this forum.

    The reason why so many Palm people considered the Visor is price. If I had known that the $200 less I paid for a Visor would result in all the customer service hassles and the BS, I would have stayed with Palm.

    Nothing in any of my posts indicated the Vx or any other Palm unit is better than the Visor, except to say that buying a Palm guarantees you protection against a poorly-run company with awful customer service. Considering so many people here are waiting or have waited for their Visors for the better part of a month, if not more, I'm not sure where our disagreement lies.

    However, my main point of sarcasm is that you were so eminently complimentary of the Visor without even having first owned one. And you spent so much time explaining to everyone who would listen that the Vx (or any other Palm dujour) was inferior, you sounded like you knew what you were talking about. But the fact that you didn't have one seriously damages your credibility. And to suggest that the Visor is better b/c of the demand isn't entirely accurate, simply due to the fact that many of us were more than happy with using Palm's products, but the price was what turned our heads.

    One more thing. If you're betting your job on multiple Visor purchases, I hope you have a long career of not being wrong. Or work for your father.

    When your boss asks you why it takes two weeks to replace a Visor via overnight replacement, tell him the Visor is better. That should go over really well. And you can sleep at night believing you're right.
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    Whoa, staad, you think everyone's here because they believe the Visor is a superior product? Well, and maybe I'm the sole exception to your theory, I'm here because I want to learn more about Palm OS PDA's, what's out there, what my needs really might be, and which product or products might best satisfy those needs. I think the Visor is an excellent product, but, a superior product, well, I don't know, and I'm not sure I really care. These are PDAs, not medical life support systems. Heck, they're not even houses or cars. We're talking about <$500 electronic devices. Find what you want, get it, get organized, and get on with your (more organized) life.

    As far as the person looking for a $142 Palm IIIx, well, that was after a couple of Value America promotions which were suddenly discontinued (luckily, for me, the day after I ordered mine). Check at to see what's out there now. Good luck, and notwithstanding what other posters here may say, I hope you enjoy whatever PDA you get.
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    Hot Carl,
    Yes, I have a long career of not being wrong AND the Visor that I have in my hand works as well as the evaluation unit that I got to play with, so I'm twice and confident in the decision to go with Visor AND we keep "hot spares" - we don't order just one-for-one, so if it takes a month, we don't care AND I don't work for my father...Although I would have loved to. My father died seven years ago. His birthday would have been 2 days ago. Yes, that would have been nice...

    Sorry that the first part of the post mislead you. If you would have continued to read, you would have seen that I state that Palm users are in the minority here. And yes, the Visor is a superior product. When you pay less for more - that IS superior.

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    Well now we're getting somewhere. Staad, since you're buying the product for business and at the same arrogantly proclaiming that you're not wrong, keep in mind that most Visorites aren't people that buy a bunch of them so they always have a working unit. Most of us buy one and rely on it. But since you don't care if it takes a month or more for repair/replacement, you've acknowledged my point -- that even though the product is good, the follow-up support (technical support, customer service) is lacking. Most people here _do_ care about those things. And you don't need to have a "superior product" in your hands to know that.

    And btw, next time you suggest you paid less for more, how many Visors do you have as "hot spares?" Seems to me that buying a product and extras in case the customer service and tech support perform as I've described says a lot about your great product. Moreover, it says a lot about paying less for more. Sounds like you paid more for more to me.

    I'm glad you're the one relying on this product for business purposes and not someone more realistic or humble. Considering that Handspring designed this product for the consumer market, I guess it's just a lucky coincidence that you've proclaimed it the best in the market they didn't even aim for.
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    staad, that's not some code name for Bill Clinton is it? I thought he was the only person who was never, absolutely never, wrong and always right. If you're not Bill Clinton, well, I'm even more amazed there are two people who are always right.

    P.S. Since you know all, maybe you could tell me which numbers will win the Powerball this week and which stocks are going to gain the most in the next year. Thanks, and I hope the burden of carrying the planet's entire knowledge base on your shoulders doesn't get to be too hard a load to carry.
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    He can't be Bill Clinton. If he were, he would be too busy playing with something else besides his Visor ;-)

    And besides, if he's so in love with the "superior product," he'd spend much more time playing with that instead of telling us all how great it is, not how foolish we are for getting the Vx or the IIIx or anything other than what he has decreed as "the best PDA out there" on the "leading edge."

    Wait, I've finally figured it out.

    He's Carnac. ;-)
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    Oh, btw staad, maybe you could help me with this "pay less for more" concept. I paid $142, including shipping, for a Palm IIIx. Visor Deluxes cost, what, $260, including shipping. So, I paid less, actually I only paid about 55% of what a Visor Deluxe would have cost me. What did I give up? 4 MB RAM, well I probably won't use all of the IIIx's 4 MB, probably only 3 MB or so. So, the extra 4 MB of Visor Deluxe RAM would have been wasted. (Why pay for something you won't use?) I also don't get a Springboard slot. Besides not needing any currently available Springboards, I haven't seen any announced Springboard ideas which I would buy. Again, why pay for something you won't use. And, if a must have Springboard is introduced, well, I can always sell my IIIx, probably at least for what I paid for it, and buy a Visor Deluxe. I also don't get USB, which is something I could really appreciate. And, if it becomes mandatory, well, I can buy the Palm USB connectivity pack. While it's not as fast syncing as the Visor, if I have enough time to fool around with this board, well, a few seconds more to sync is no big deal. Now, what did I get with the IIIx? Well, after upgrading to OS 3.3 (now there's something I couldn't do with a Visor), my IR syncing is a piece of cake. No need to wait for some third party to upgrade their IR software. It's already built into the OS. Anything else I got with the IIIx? Well, I could get the cover and stylus I wanted without waiting, and, oh yea, I could actually get the IIIx (remember at only a little half the cost of a Visor Deluxe) delivered in two days. So, I paid less (a lot less), don't need what I'm missing, and got a wider ranging OS. So, using your standard, for my needs, I actually ended up with the superior product. You see, staad, everyones' needs are different. Visors are wonderful units. I hope you will be happy with yours. Why can't you let me be happy with my IIIx?
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