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    Just got an email from Customer Relations. No Visor Deluxes went out today, but more will ship on Wednesday. That puts it at my office on a holiday when we are closed, so I wouldn't have seen it until Monday...BUT...
    I asked if she could have it FedEx'ed to my house when it goes out tomorrow and she said "Done!"...Very cool!

    p.s. Don't go bothering CR about your tracking number all day Wednesday. The tracking numbers aren't available until after 4:00 p.m. PST.

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    How come you are getting e-mails from Customer Service when for me (and I suspect for many others) they are just a black hole, not answering anything?
    Do you have some special connection to Handspring?
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    His with the family...
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    I have this one question.
    Staad info has been a great help in dealing with these hard times, but I was wondering, if he got the info for CR or so - how do we know its true and not some ploy to pacify us?
    I think its time for a socialist uprising =P
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    I suggest that you check my prior posts. Any comments on their reliability? So much for the thought of it being a ploy...

    As for the "black hole"...Are you emailing Handspring, or are you filling out silly Customer Care forms on the web site? They are two completely different animals.

    I really don't feel like I want to put this board in a position where I post other peoples email addresses without their permission. VC staff may not take too kindly to that...Just read my posts and you will get the idea. You will also see that I have also given HS their fair share of shots for the bungled kickoff!

    p.s. Not only have I gotten emails, but I have also talked with HS staff on the phone - The REAL people in the 650 area code. NOT the hired gun order taker/Customer Care/Tech Support people. I'm getting my info from HS - NOT from the people 3,000 miles away. I wish that they could do the same!
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    I thought it was logical to have your customer rep, be apart of the company - not none of this "outsourcing."
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    Yes, I have been filling out "Silly Customer Care Forms." Excuse me for taking a company at its word as to how to reach it by e-mail and phone.

    I don't want to call California and hassle anybody, just speak to (or e-mail) someone who can check my on-line order, tell me about it, and maybe even alter it without a lot of difficulty. Is that too much to ask of a mail-order company? It's not the waiting that is upsetting me; it's the silence.
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    Ok, what is the Handspring Email address or is that information that can't be posted?

    It's not the waiting it's the silence (to quote another post). I don't mind waiting, but I would like to know what's going on.

    Care to Share??
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    i think people can wait, as long as they know whats happening. It's human nature to be curious and when paying $250, which is a lot of money.
    Since has handspring has had some problems in the past, we are all becoming a little antzy.
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    I have two quick questions for you staad:
    1) Isn't Thursday Veterans Day, so does that mean we have the day off, while Fed-Ex still delivers?
    2) Usually, how long do you have to wait to see if Ms. Dubinsky has sent my email to other people - in regards to my order?

    I think if I don't get it by November 15th, I'm going to stop by the Handspring booth and buy one at Comdex and cancel my order.
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    Sorry, Handspring isn't going to be at Comdex, I was misinformed.
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    The corporate number for all interested is 650.230.5000
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    elf - Thursday IS Veterans Day, so we can ALL take the day off! FedEx still has to work, though.

    red - I've never tried that number, but it is the one on their seb site.

    REZ - There are many email addresses listed on HS's web site.
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    I called the 1888 number and asked the girl point blank what the corporate number for handspring is and she just gave it to me. I called and it is indeed the number. They also have a 716 number listed on the site but it is also going to the call center.
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    The above link is directly from Handspring's page but be advised that multiple phone calls directly to them will swamp the system. If you don't have an email confirmation then I'd suggest that you call. If you do have an email confirmation or you phoned your order in, then you have to wait 4 to 6 weeks. Chill!

    Hey folks this isn't rocket science. Staad's info is usually correct. He's just trying to help therefore please don't shoot the messenger.

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    So staad, is it recommended that we call customer relations or should we just sit tight until our visor comes? And just have you update us whenever you get info?
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    It's up to you. The information that I have is that if you have escalated your order through the CRS's, they SHOULD be picking up the problems and fixing them. Being the sceptic that I tend to be, I started at the top and worked my way down the food chain.
    I sent emails to Marketing AFTER I tried ALL conventional routes of contact. I emailed Ms. Dubinsky and Mr. Hawkins AFTER Marketing's forwarding of my emails failed to bring a response. Ms. Dubinsky forwarded my emails to 2 Customer Relations employees. Customer Relations then contacted me via email and phone, giving my their direct addresses and phone numbers for me to contact, just in case I had any further problems. As of last night, my Visor is scheduled to ship out today, via FedEx. CR has promised that they will call me today AFTER 4:00 p.m. PST with a FedEx tracking number. When I get that phone call, I will post a message here to confirm that I have received what they have promised. If they DON'T call me, I will also post a message. Fair enough? As long as I get a tracking number and can confirm that the package is in the hands of FedEx, HS has fulfilled all of their promises to me.
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    I finally heard indirectly from Handspring. My credit card has been charged for one Visor Deluxe. I had to change my credit card information late in October (I used a Debit Card) and they changed it as indicated by the credit card charge.

    Everything is looking good for next week's delivery. I'm still going to give them the six weeks to deliver and it looks like they are going to come through.

    Until next week.......

    Ride Safe My Friends!
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    So do I just call the main headquarters to speak to a customer relations person, regarding my order?
    Or do I need to wait for a email for S. Torres or Yost?
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    So, I ordered my Visor about 11/28 or 11/29. I was told a week 1/2 ago that I should get it by 11/15.

    Does this mean that my Visor should be in this Wednesday/Thursday Shipment you are discussiong?

    I'd sure love to see it tomorrow. I work on Veterans day too.
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