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    i'm glad to say i finally received my visor. it is sad however that we have had to go through this nightmare. handspring should definitely give the sept orders that haven't been received yet some kind of a pricing discount. there are still way too many that ordered in the first week that haven't received a unit. i know it won't happen, but what da hey.
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    I'm not for a discount. Geez, the price point is the lowest around as it is! I am happy that the orders are being sent over night. I thought a 5 pack would have been cool, or even a single out of the five pack in a matching color. It seems that 5 pack is a token left for those that were shipped more than one. Although many of us here would have welcomed more than one - one to keep and one to sell on eBay! With a 5 pack bonus to top it off...Hey! Those other guys DID bet a better deal than we did!
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    Well, it finally arrived! I'll talk more later. For right now, I just dowloaded a bunch of programs to my Visor and it's time to play!!!!!
    It is REALLY cool!!!!!!!!!
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    I just missed the fedex truck, I was driving in the drive way and the truck was leaving. Darn, I have to wait until 6:10 to trek down to the station and pick it up.
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    i ordered a visor deluxe on 9/15. after checking up on my order status in early october, i discovered that my credit card information had been incorrectly recorded. since then, i have called CSR numerous times to check the order status and each time, the CSR has no status to give. i have talked directly with supervisors who have told me that escalation reports have been sent out and that my information has been verified. therefore, i should sit tight and be patient.

    it's now 11/12 and there is still no status. is this acceptable? on tuesday (11/9), i was told that i would receive it in two weeks (as i was told all the previous times). it has also been suggested that i place a completely new order off the web site, just in case the first order never goes through.

    i just don't understand why some CSR's have been proactive about calling you up with problems arise, while others will tell you absolutely nothing which only leads to more confusion and frustration.

    this is crazy.

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    Well, now I know why my 10/1 order wasn't recieved on 11/8 like a lot of them. Apparently they had my order date as 10/12 not 10/1. The first CSR I spoke to told me he couldn't do anything about it and told me to call back when I supervisor would be in. The second CSR I got (when I called back) was much more helpful. He escalated my order, noting both the error in the order date and my area code (in case fedex needs to contact me.) I'm hoping this will get a unit in a box to me this weekend (he said they ARE shipping this weekend) but I am not holding my breadth. If I don't see it by Tuesday I'll push again. We also checked my credit card (not a problem as they had a hold on it 3 weeks ago.)

    grilla: You have a point about the Sept orders...if not a rebate perhaps a free accessory or case.

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    Well, I received a call from a cust care person and it was discovered that on order my credit card number had been mis-entered. I've been promised that It will be fedexed to me this week. The word was as early as Monday but, not later than Friday at the outside. I've got a business trip on Thursday so I'm keeping my fingers crossed by Wednesday.
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    You're mixing apples and oranges. CSR's have no access to the currect shipping info. Only HS Customer Relations knows anything about when your order will ship. Contact them via phone or email if you haven't already.
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    Staad, I really hated doing it, but I finally bypassed the customer service/CSRs and recieved a prompt and friendly responce. While I doubt, I'll recieve my Visor on Monday, I'm optimistic that my order will get processed this week. It looks like I'll be that last person who ordered on Sept 14 to get their Visor, unless anyone else is lurking in the shadows. Enjoy the Visor and good luck.
    Can Handspring recover? Its going to take a bit of work, but they are good people, they'll figure it out.
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    My problem was resolved my Handsprings people and not he order company they have been using. They were nice and helpful. Its a shame that they contracted with this other company that has contributed to so many of their problems.

    If I were HS I'd be looking for another company to handle orders in the future.
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