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    Yes, since I ordered 10/1 I was told 11/15 as well. I too am hoping to see something tomorrow as I'm working. I did email S Torres but so far got no response.
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    I would try either, although I sense that Torres does the initial screening and Yost handles the delivery.

    BTW, Susan Yost contacted me tonight and was VERY apologetic because my order DID NOT go out today. She told me that she couldn't bear to tell me the truth, and was personally disapointed. According to her, the shipping supervisor was out sick and by the time she found out, it was too late.

    What do I think? I am angered that I have been let down AGAIN! On the other hand, I have 2 people out sick in my office, 2 that just came back from being out for a week, and I'm not doing that hot myself. The story makes sense, but it still ticks me off that I've had yet another problem with my order. I forgot to ask her if they are closed tomorrow. I guess I'll find out.

    As far as I can tell, only September orders are being worked on at this time, but they MAY have gotten as far as your order, but don't hold your breath.

    Are you a time traveler? You ordered 18-19 days from now? If you REALLY meant to type 10/18, chill out! You've got to wait!

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    from what i've been hearing - at least handspring is calling you back. I think the people at Handspring know how horrible the customer and technical support is - and their trying to help us bear through this inital problems. Do you think I can get Torres's number? Ms. Dubinsky said she would try to do everything to get my order by the 15th, since I am a September order, so I just want to make sure the wheels are in motion - I guess its mistrust I developed from the CSR. Well, I hope you feel better Staad
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    The 15th is the target date for ALL September orders getting cleared. With that target date in mind, I'm hoping that they are going to work on the Thursday holiday AND the weekend again. We'll see what happens tomorrow. From some of the other posts that I have seen here, they are getting closer.
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    It seems they are getting there...
    the people who use to hang out in the order/shipping are now going to other boards =P.
    The problem with my order though, is that they recently discovered that they had the last four digits of my credit card incorrect, even though I called several times to confirm my shipping and credit information, so when I spoke to the Customer Service Rep, he said, that the order will be expediated as a November order, and I would have to wait an addition 2-6 Weeks for shipping. So the question is - will I be the only September order hanging around here during Thanksgiving? I can't finish the turkey by myself. =P
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    LOL, I ordered September 28 or 29. And I don't intend to "chill" since I've now been waiting for over 6 weeks. Just a typo. :-)

    Thanks for keeping us informed. You seem to know what is going on with shipping more than a lot of us. I don't begrudge anyone their Visor but, I was sure annoyed to find out that others who ordered after me have theirs and I don't!

    I'll look for the Visor today but, I'm calling HS back if I don't get it by the promised Monday date.
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    I agree also. I thought that by ordering on the first day (Sept 14) I'd be in the first group to go out, or at least the first group to go out after they've been fixed. But as far as I can tell, and according to VISA, noone has actually done anything with my order yet.
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    Let somebody else chill. I'm tired of the broken promises, tired of October orders being shipped, tired of cancelled orders being shipped, tired of waiting on fedex. Staad, you're a good person with way more patience than me.

    Ain't chillin no mo, i'm freeeeeeeeeeezin!

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    Well, a bit more good news...HS Customer Relations IS NOT taking today's holiday (Veteran's Day) off and they ARE shipping again today!

    The reason that CR has taken over doing it "one-on-one" is that the corrections from CSR's and CSR supervosors WERE NOT getting getting done properly. Did you email Customer Relations???

    To those of you who are a bit TOO impatient,
    Go buy a paperback book or something. It will occupy your time while you wait. If you're not willing to wait for an excellent product, then cancel and move on. The evidence that HS itself is making things happen is right here on this board. The numbers of us who wait are thinning. The startup didn't go very well. They admitted that and have taken extrodinary steps to fix the problems. Live with it...
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    Currently reading short stories by Bernard Malamud...
    Well, I emailed Ms. Dubinsky and she said that she will take care of it.
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    I've not lost my patience yet. I also recognize that are making the best of a messed up situation. I also am looking forward to, according to all I hear, a fine product.

    I'm more bothered by the multiple promises some folks have received than by the lateness of the product. If I had not heard so many examples of CS back-peddling on ship dates I'd be less concerned. It keeps me wondering if the November 15 deadline date is for real. I'm actually not going to believe it 100% until I get the product.

    They are going to have to work hard in the next few months to regain confidence in their order system which does appear to be getting straightened out.
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    Well i just called customer relations and spoke to Barbara (she seems like a very nice person). She says that she will call me later in the day and if I do not hear a response from her - to call her back at closing. I'm really feeling confident, since i'm speaking to an actually handspring person.
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    Doesn't the story "Behold the Key" make you think about the whole Visor ordering situation?

    *fingers crossed for elfbomber to get his visor soon*
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    Nickpicking, I'm not familar with that story - can you tell it?
    Those Handspring people said that it was shipped November 10th, and that I should have gotten it today - but I didn't. =(
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    I didn't get a call from Susan Yost...But I DID get an email...And the email had my FedEx tracking number and it's a good one (left Union City this evening)!!!!!

    Tomorrow I'l be a VERY happy camper. She did what she promised that she would do.
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    Staad, when you get your Visor, I hope you will come back and vist us in the Ordering / Shipping Forum.
    You're informative and accurate information will be missed.
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    I will continue to look here to keep an eye on how well HS is keeping up with their attempts to make up for such a terrible start. I am confident that HS is really trying hard to do the right thing, but I will be here to scream and yell and jump up and down if they try to rest on their laurels! I don't think that that will happen, though. I think that they have turned the corner.
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    This is what I'm curious about.
    They said they were overwhelmed with orders, I would like to know how many people placed orders for the Handspring visor.
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    Hey, you seem to have some contacts with Handspring, I ordered on 14 Sep., I'm told I was order #38. I still dont have any activity on my CC from Handspring and every one else who ordered this early received theirs last week. For the past month, the CSR's have been saying that it should have shipped by now, that the CC number is bad, and that they'll escalate it and thats all they can do. Maybe you could put in a good word for me, Wayne Matrejek. Thanks, I'd really, really, really, owe you big time for this.
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    Have you emailed or called HS directly?

    Hint: All HS phone numbers are area code 650 and all HS email addresses end in

    You might call the Corp phone number listed on their web site. Your order is REALLY late!!!!!
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