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    I believe it has been resolved ! I emailed Donna..She repled.. I got a call from Barb, she apologized and got the facts from me to issue immediate credits. She then emailed me to
    let me know the progress ! Thank you Donna and Barb.. you helped a guy truly in need !
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    16 Dings? As in 16 x $249 (or whatever arbitrary amount they're charging?)!?!?

    Wow, and I thought I was in knee-deep with the $320 they charged me for the RMA'd Deluxe and the cradle and the $30 for "overnight" replacement.

    Wow. Well, you've got to hand it to Handspring. They're really overachieving :-)
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    In his other post they TRIED 16 times but only got 3 (that's what I'm interpreting it as).

    I also got 1 charge and two more authorizations. I called and I got some Indian guy on the phone and I had to keep repeating OVER AND OVER again that they charged me 270 (shouldn't have had tax BTW) a total of 3 times.. he kept saying he'd credit 250.. 250.. God it was frustrating because I couldn't understand him most of the time.

    I tried to get the tax resolved on the one I did charge, but I figured that alone would just have to wait, wouldn't want to do two simple requests at once.
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    Biz E:

    16 Well, I set up my credit card to allow only one authorization/charge per company per week, and if any company attempted more than that, the company automatically contacts me to advise/inquire regarding possible fraud.

    Seems to me that anyone who's card has been hit three or more times has a legitimate gripe. Having $750 or more temporarily hijacked from your credit is an inconvenience, to say the least.

    My personal feeling is that the $350 or so (incl. return shipping) due me will take a while to be refunded, but I told them I would be reporting this to the FTC if they haven't refunded my money by the end of November. I also advised my credit card company that Handspring will refund the money (again, ~ $350) and luckily, my cc co. has a policy which won't force me to pay interest on it for thirty days. Meanwhile, they told me that if by December 15, the matter isn't resolved, I should report the situation to the FTC and they will handle it from there.
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    Hey Everybody, it's HotCarl trying to stir it up again........

    It's good to hear from you and your vast experience, knowledge and sure fire way of handling things.....

    Great to hear from you, hows life with the Palm......
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    Hey Everybody, it's another Handspring loyalist ignoring the facts of the pleasures of dealing with a crappy company.

    Glad to hear from you and that you're still ignoring reality.

    Too bad they didn't hijack _your_ credit card. Maybe you'd be doing something other than cruising this forum and defending an indefensible company.
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    Say, Carl...what *are* you doing in this forum anyway? I'm sorry you had a bad experience but seriously...move on, my man.

    Warm fuzzies to all...

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    You must have missed that prior post (3 before yours) where I explained what I was doing in this forum. While we're at it, why are _you_ in this forum?
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    Why am *I* here? Well, I ordered my blue Visor deluxe with serial cradle on October 13th. So I reckon I'm just hanging out, listening to the goings on and waiting for my Visor to arrive. I must admit...I'm getting a good chuckle out of some of y'all canceling an order for an excellent product 'cuz of a few mishaps. Granted, my card wasn't overcharged and, as of yet, mine isn't late. But shucks...if it comes in 12 weeks, so what? I don't understand why some can't carry around a good old datebook for a while.

    Anyway...seeing as I plan on owning a Visor in the near future (warts and all), I'm where I should be. Since you are a happy Palm owner and a Handspring detractor...well, doncha just think you should just bid us all farewell and take it to Go use your Palm (double entendre and pun wryly intended).

    Anyway...this is just the humble opinion of one lone rider. Fret not, the man they call Hot Carl...I won't rain on your already drenched win. Apologies to all for my chiding of HC (but Mom...he started it...). Moan on if you will...I'll go back into lurk mode and giggle to myself. You'll not hear another lick from theLorax...
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    Hey Hot Carl old buddy! Still tweaked I see! Hey, you gotta find a way to use "vis-a-vis" in this thread somehow.

    Still haven't got any new material I see. Hey, I have a question - do you know anything about statistics? Well, I can tell you, one data point as low as yours is almost always thrown out of the analysis.

    You amuse me HC! After witnessing your continued rage towards Handspring, the 2 week waiting period for handguns makes a lot more sense to me now!
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    Hey beaker! Maybe they should extend the handgun waiting period to 8 weeks... Give handspring more time to deliver Visors to people

    Signing off,

    C. Russell
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    C. Russell,
    Won't make a diff in my case cause I already have a few... but I'm not a postal worker so I'll be calm...
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    C. Russell,
    Won't make a diff in my case cause I already have a few... but I'm not a postal worker so I'll be calm...
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    I'm not a Handspring canceler. I'm a Handspring-awaiter-of-credit. IOW, I returned my product last week and have spent about an hour trying to get them to credit my card, something which takes most competent retailers about 24 hours. Glad to hear you're getting a Visor -- the warts aren't with the product, btw, just with the company. But since you're waiting patiently, assuming you don't need the product but simply want one -- you'll enjoy it.

    Empty Beaker:

    Last time I checked, there's a lot more than one low data point. But that's definitely the selling point you should use when humping your friends' legs to buy Visors.

    In the mean time, I won't claim to know how many shipments have been screwed up with mis-charges, tax, double-charges or non-charges, etc., but it seems to me there's a lot of low points to be counted or deleted by your personal system. From the soundness of your logic, your background shouldn't be in statistics but rather in fiction.

    And if two weeks is all it takes to get my refund for the Visor purchase price, plus the extra $20 (the mystery serial cradle charge), the serial cradle charge itself, plus tax, plus the $30 for overnight Pony-Express replacement, plus return shipping, then I will be more than happy.

    You entertain me, too. It's funny that people who can afford to wait for weeks on end for a product to save them time would tsk-tsk other people who don't have that time to waste. Or fight back when a poor company takes every opportunity to do so.

    I hope you get an opportunity to take advantage of Handspring's Technical Support and Customer Service very soon. :-)

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