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    Hi there, everybody!

    I have been lurking around here for several weeks and have learned a lot. I started just after I ordered my graphite VDX on 10/22.

    I was just curious about Donna Dubinsky's Nov 15 deadline for getting "caught up" that I read about in several postings... Is this her deadline for getting totally caught up with ALL outstaning orders, or with all outstanding SEPTEMBER orders?

    Naturally, I am curious here about my own order, and I want to receive it as soon as possible...but for all of you that ordered in September... Hang in there. You deserve better that first priority. I am hoping in ernest that you recieve each of your orders yesterday.


    IP.S. 've been the proud order of a PalmPilot Pro for two years and I have faith in these guys. A year from now this will all be a distant, vague memory for all of us. Hopefully for developers, as well.
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    A distant, vague memory? You mean like the Newton?
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    LOL! Nah, I don't think HS will suffer the same fate. Actually, I think they will make some radical decisions (part of growth) and cut some dead wood from their organization, then they will get on top of their distribution system. Once they get into the retail outlets early next year, the OTHER 99% of the world will first hear of HS... And be totally oblivious to thier startup problems, which will have vanished by that time.

    The Palm Pilot was the first product to explode the PDA out of the niche market into mass appeal, but HS will put the Visor into everyone's palms to it's functionality and pricing. Come Christmas 2000, everyone from desk jockeys to students will be getting them.

    Well, here's hoping anyways! ;-P

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