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    Ordered by phone on Sept 27, received Visor on Nov 11.

    Looks like they sent it FedEx, at no charge to me. I think any order from September is being shipped FedEx overnight.

    No problems, defects or missing pieces noticed yet. Really excited, looks like it's going to fun....

    I went through hell with these people. Letters, phone calls, emails, the whole nine yards, like many of you have. But I still think it was worth the wait. Hopefully there's not too many more people out there still waiting.

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    If you don't mind me asking, do you know when and if your credit card was charged?
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    Blorincz..congrats. You win the visor shipment lottery for today. Considering there's about 10 thousand more units left to ship, I can expect mine sometime between tomorrow and 10,000 days from tomorrow.

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