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    After losing my Palm III to Hurricane Floyd (long story), I ordered a graphite VDx on 9/18. It still hasn't arrived, so I jumped on the bandwagon and emailed Donna Dubinsky.

    I got a nice, reasonably personalized message that was cc'd to Sandy Torres and Susan Yost. Donna asked them to investigate the specifics of my order. That was midday Friday. What kind of turnaround time have y'all been seeing between initial contact with one of these two Handspringers and a successful resolution of your order problems?

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    Susan called Friday, but I was out of the office, so she left me a voice mail. She called back this afternoon. They are working on each order individually, so they're pretty busy.
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    Susan and I played phone tag on Tuesday; we finally spoke and she told me my order would ship on Wednesday. It did (and I have a nice mail message from her thanking me for my exemplary phone manners
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    DC, FYI "wherefore" means "why," not "where."
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    It's true. I posted more about this in the Off Topic forum at:
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    I guess the question should be wherefore does HS call the outsource phone numbers and reply forms "Handspring"?

    "Hey, CSR dude! Wherefore art thou calling thyself Handspring?"

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