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    I live in the Pacific Northwest (Washington) ordered my Visor Deluxe (Ice) on the Handspring Web Page on October 6th (Order 19XX) and I received it today (11/11) via FEDEX about 2:30 PST, within the 4 to 6 week window. I had originally charged it to a Debit Card, and change it to a Credit Card and Handspring came through without a hitch.

    It is so cool, well worth the wait.

    Thanks Handspring!

    Later, I have to go play with my new toy.

    Ride Safe My Friends!
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    Glad you have yours. Mine is on the way, according to FedEx, as I write this. Tomorrow will be cool!
    BTW, mine was ordered with a debit card. I don't know where that nasty rumor started, but it is obviously not true...

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    Hell, now I'm beginning to "finally" get nervous. STAAD, I'm glad your finally getting yours, you've been waiting long enough, and there are others in your boat. I ordered Sept 30, and now online orders are starting to receive theirs? You really gotta start getting kinda concerned, gonna be some P#ssed people when they read the board in the morning............

    But, seriously though, I hope everyone gets they're time and moneys worth for their VDX...

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    I'm beginning to get beyond pissed! Ordered September 16th still NOTHING! According to the CSR's my information is correct and they don't know why it hasn't shipped. Next week is it for me. I emaikled Donna directly and I'm still waiting for a response I hope she can come through like she has for so many others.

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    Hey REZ,
    Congratulations on receiving your Visor! I hope this is a sign that mine is on the way. I have a feeling, though, that the only reason you got yours Fed-Ex before all the other web orders is because of your order change (an escalation form, maybe?). It remains to be seen if any unmolested web orders will begin to arrive...

    All cynicism aside, I hope this is a good sign.

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    I'm glady to got yours!

    But, its this kind of thing that is making people unhappy. If I wasn't on the net and new that people who ordered well after me are getting theirs I probably would not be so impatient. :-)

    I am holding off on making any calls to HS since they told me I would have it by the 15th a couple of weeks ago. I feel like I need to give them the time they stated and then go from there.

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    Meisty: Call them (650-230-5000).

    If you ordered in Sept. and your card has not gotten at least an auth., you need to get in touch with someone @ Handspring.

    Be carefull what you wish for though, you can get a whole bunch of auths and that will tie your credit cards bal. up in #@#!#%$%!

    Hang in there, 'tis a cool piece of work and is defintely worth getting.

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    Well I got a reply from Donna this morning and she apologized and said she sent my request to someone at Handspring who will help me out and give me some information ASAP. I just wish I would have emailed her sooner.

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    How did you determine that your order was on its way to you? Did you call FedEx or did you call customer support and get a tracking number?
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    The tracking number was emailed from HS Customer Relations because I wasn't at home to take the phone call.
    Check out my other posts for the full details.

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