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    Has anybody who ordered online REALLY recieved theirs yet? I'm in Maryland, ordered on 10/6 and haven't heard anything from Handspring other than the confirmation e-mail I recieved soon after I placed my order.

    My order # is in the low 1400's. I'm not panicing or anything because I'm still within the "4-6 weeks" timeframe they gave. Just curious if anybody is lucky enough to already be playing with theirs!!

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    I should be getting mine shortly after you get yours. I'm in VA and also ordered online on 10/6. All I have gotten so far is the email as well. I'm in the (very) low 2000's.

    No credit card billing as of today. No big deal though. They have all of this week and next to meet their deadline as far as my order is concerned.

    I hope the rest of the Sep. orderers get theirs this week.

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    No credit card billing here yet either. Thankfully, it seems that our friends who ordered in September are (finally!) getting their orders delivered.

    Everyone who has toughed the Handspring order process has said that the Visor is amazing and definetly worth the wait.

    I'm fidgeting with anticipation!

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    When they say 4-6 weeks, does that include non-business days ? I ordered online on 10/7 #26xx, so that would put today at Day 32, and on Thursday it would be Day 35. In order to arrive by Day 42 or 11/18 then it should ship in the next 7 days.

    Who has had their card charged that online ordered ?

    I haven't seen anyone say they have and who also haven't called in to complain. Since I have 'no activity' and haven't bothered with Customer Non-service I'm beginning to doubt my patience will be thankfully rewarded.

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    I ordered mine on 10/6 too. Order number 19?? and other than my Email confirmation, I haven't heard a word. I guess after the six weeks are up, I will start calling and emailing Customer Care, maybe cancel my order and settle for a Palm IIIx. I'm hanging in there like the rest of you, but it is getting tougher every week.

    Ride Safe My Friends!
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    I'm yet another... Ordered 10/6 and order # is in the low 1100's. Still waiting in PA.. in week 5 now, so I'm REALLY getting anxious.
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    I ordered on 10/6 on the web, order number in the 1200's...still no sign yet.
    I was hoping to have it by Thursday so I could show it off at our annual conference. Too bad Handspring will lose out on several dozen, maybe a hundred extra units from our customers...

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    10/6 online order; order # 16xx ... no sign yet, and no charge... I'm still hoping for this week, though... :-)
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    Ordered online 10/7 order 2??? Nothing yet.
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    Mine was an online order too, on October 7 and absolutely no word!
    My order was in the 23##. Any filled online orders would give me hope!
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    I ordered a Blue Deluxe 10/6, 1700s. About three weeks ago (when Website was down) called to change color to graphite (because the picture on the Web was deceptive, making it seem to be a nice blue all around, when in fact it's half light blue, half "ice"). When the Web site came back up, it still says "blue" when I checked by order no.
    What burns me up is that neither phone no. has anyone who can tell me if the change got made, and all my e-mails have gone unanswered for 11 days, even though the Web page says that you can check the status of your order and contact them if you have questions. I have never felt this frustrated with any company ever, not being able to find out a simple fact about a product. Of course, my problem is nowhere near as bad as some I've read here, nor have I been treated rudely or lied to. Just ignored ....

    Has anyone gotten a response to an e-mail sent via the web-site??
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    Ordered online 10/06, 109x, got an email confirmation but otherwise no signs of life.
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    From reading other posts, it would appear that HS is sending out another big shipment today (Wednesday) that should arrive tomorrow. No word on whether or not this includes web orders or not...

    Keep your eyes peeled for those big white trucks tomorrow (maybe)!

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    I just checked out the updated shipping info page on the HS website, and it looks like they are going to finish up the pre-orders from the original database, and_then_they are going to start fulfilling orders on a FIFO basis regardless of origin. Here is the actual text:

    "Handspring has experienced some systems problems in shipping initial telephone orders that resulted from translated data from the order database to the shipping database. We have now validated many of those orders, and resumed shipping them, however others are still being validated. Once these orders are completed, we will start shipping sequentially, with oldest orders first, regardless of whether those orders were placed on the 888 phone number, or through the web store. "

    As long as I get my 10/6 web order (#105?) by 11/17 (6 weeks) I will be happy.

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    I ordered online 10/6 and received an email confirmation.

    I checked my Credit Card last night and it showed a pending charge for the amount of one Visor Deluxe. I had to change my credit card information, because I used a debit card and they updated the info as indicated by the charge, as indicated by the charge. I double checked my order on the Handspring Web Site and noticed a difference in charges.

    I originally ordered next day delivery ($11) and the charge indicates regular delivery ($6), so I can only assume that it will be delivered UPS ground or hopful that they are using FEDEX Overnight. Time will tel.

    I am very hopeful that the orders placed on the Web Site early in October will be delivered within the 6 week time frame.

    Until next week.......

    Ride Safe My Friends!
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    Geoff --

    I read the same thing, and it corresponds with what Ms. Dubinsky wrote to me in response to my email. My only question is... are the 10/6-10/7 online orders part of the "original" database, to be handled with priority, or are we in the "FIFO, after we get the others straightened out" category?

    Like you said, we're not overdue until next week, so I'm not upset yet, but am really hoping they get ours out the door soon! :-)
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    <<My only question is... are the 10/6-10/7 online orders part of the "original" database, to be handled with priority, or are we in the "FIFO, after we get the others straightened out" category?>>

    It is my understanding that we are in between. Accoring to the site, they are trying to get out all the September orders and are sorry that some may take up to 8 weeks. But web orders are all ok and will ship in the 4-6 week timeframe. Which means they need to ship by next week.

    Now that I have my new Athlon based PC up, I want my other new toy....
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    Ordered online 10/6 - order in the 1000s sequence.

    Credit card was dinged on 11/8 for $298 and change for an Ice VDx and premium case. Looks like it includes the charge for overnight delivery as originally requested!

    Gettin' close now!
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    Yeee-haw! I'm starting to get excited! I'm going to have to call and check my card now! <jumping in the air and clicking my heels>
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    Ordered on 10/6 and received it today (11/11) via FedEx. YAHOOO!!!! It is great and well worth the wait.

    Oh, yeah I live in Washington State and I got an Ice Visor Deluxe.

    Ride Safe My Friends!
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