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    Hello all. I have a brand new Covertec case and a brand new OEM Treo 600 cradle, all in original boxes or bags - never used. The Covertec cases are made very nice with alot of attention to detail. They also come with a very nice belt clip system that can be removed (they even provide you with the screwdriver to tremove it). The case features a fully enclosed clear case to cover your keyboard and screen yet provide functionality through it. My Treo was taken back to the phone store and exchanged for another simpler phone. My loss is your gain. I am asking $45 (offers accepted) shipped price for both to anywhere in the U.S. The case cost me $39.95 and the cradle was $29.95 plus shipping. These are two must have accessories for your Treo 600. I have over 140 positive feedback on eBay and I gladly take Paypal but NO debit cards or Credit cards please!! Please click the link for all pictures of the actual items, thanks!
    Covertec Case and OEM Cradle
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    items still for sale ?

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