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    Hey, there are so many "horror stories" around here, I thought I'd share a "Great Customer Service" story.

    I ordered my Blue Visor Deluxe (BVD) on October 1. On October 12, I added a rainbow stylus pack and a backup module. I finally received my BVD and backup module on Monday.

    On Friday (and again on Monday) I broke down and sent an e-mail to Donna. She responded both times (even late Friday afternoon!) within 3 hours, and she CC:ed two of her people.

    Today (Wednesday) I get a call on my cell phone. My wife gave Susan Yost (one of the people CC:ed above) my cell number because she had called my home, and wanted to talk to me. So she tells me that she noticed that I received my BVD and BU module on Monday. She apologized that I had not received my stylli, but assured me that there were several new ones that have just come into stock. She said that while they have been focusing primarily on the Visors, they will probably be shipping the stylli soon. I said great, and BTW, I absolutely love my new BVD!!! She sounded truly pleased at my feedback, and she thanked me for putting up with their initial problems.

    I'm not sure if I've ever been given such personal attention by a company like this.


    And thanks for everything.

    MJH <><
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    I've had a lot of "personal" contact with Susan (I know other have also dealt with Sandy), and she seems to be a great person for the job. She has done some great things, even changing my shipping address after the order had already gone to to be shipped, just so I wouldn't miss the order at work (I'll be off when it gets there). She has done a fantastic job with my order, so far. In fact, I'm waiting for a call from her with my tracking number.
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    Although I had a few issues at first (received a Graphite visor with a cracked LCD screen), however, after getting "jerked around" for about a week, Barry and Fiona were more than helpful. This included actually returning calls, updating me with my order progress (Sorry Barry, you assured me that it would be delivered on Saturday via Fedex, unfortunately, Saturday delivery was not selected).
    It really seemed to be a crap shoot as to whether I got a knowledgable CSR or not, but once I got Fiona on the task she made sure my situation was handled to completion.

    Great job!!! I love the product!!

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    I'll add my $0.02 to the comments on the good job Susan is doing. Yes, she has been a "spring" of sanity in this desert of ....... ! (Thanks to her, I finally have my Graphite VD.)

    If only Handspring had more people like her ...

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    Could anyone email me Susan's email address? I hope to contact her for some help.

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