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    I received my Visor Tuesday Nov. 9 and determined that a $249.00 authorization/charge was applied to my card. Fair enough... That's Cool... I subsequently sold my Visor the same day since I already bought a Palm IIIx.... End of story.... right ? WRONG........

    The credit card I used was my business card I use for travel/business only. It only has a 2K limit so I need all the available credit I can get. One week in 3 cities, etc can get pretty costly...So..since I leave on a week's trip this Sunday (which includes a few days at Comdex), I go to check my card balance and I find I am some $500 short in available credit.

    I called my CC company to investigate... and lo and behold.. they told me the $249.00 was sent through for authorization TWICE more (after the first one was "paid") . My available credit at that time was only around $400 but I just sent in a big payment to clear the card for next week... So the CC lady told me that 2 of the authorizations went through but in between the two that got through, the $249.00 authorization was attempted 16 total times.. Thank God.. most were denied in the middle... All of this happened AFTER the original one was paid and I had my Visor already !!!!

    The CC lady said she had never seen anything like it.... What in the world gives ? I called HS at the 650 and 716 numbers... I was told at the 716 it would be taken care of.. and I asked for a call back but it has been nearly 9 hours since the call and no call back. I email "the boss" as well asking that they stop this crap...They could have easily wiped out my whole card and then I can't travel with my job... Tell my company that one ! Now I have to wait 3-7 business days for those authorizations to "fall off".. PROVIDED I don't get actually charged 2 more times for one Visor...

    Bottomline... Dealing with someone's CC or debit card is serious business, people like me can be absolutely crippled if someone "screws up" like this case. Watch your card !

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    Wow! That is really awful! Can your cc company refuse any further charges from HS to help you out?
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    I cancelled the one credit card I used to order my visor.

    Ordered 9/14

    Arrived 10/25

    Cancelled 11/10

    If they didn't get a chance to bill me, that's too bad. I'm not going to be charged 100 times for one machine. I figure by the time they figure it out it might be March of next year, and I'll be happy to pay then (if it hasn't been charged yet).
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    I've been hit about 7 times for a total of over $1900, three times in one day alone! They are "pending authorizations", but leaves something to be worried about. Really lucky for me though, I rarely use CC, but can't imagine how much trouble it would be if I relied on it. I've called HS and they said they would "release" all authorizations.
    I haven't received by Sept 30 order of a Blue VDX, but I guess this all means that they definitely have my CC # right?! LOL!
    Gotta keep some of my sanity while I wait...

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    Doh.. I just checked and I do have one credit (Dumb sh!ts still charged me for tax) and then I have 2 more temps.. so a total of 3. What the heck is wrong with them. Can they get someone with the "Ding" button control a little less caffeine? At least send me 3 visors so I can sell the others.

    This is definitely a company my old business strategy professor should do a case study on. How NOT to open a business.
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    It really is unbelieveable ! I have never seen that occur in my 20 plus years of having a credit card. It makes me "gun shy" to order again from HS unless they can show improved
    A/R procedures.....

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