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    9/14 called 9:00PM and ordered after one hour and 2 gin and tonics.

    10/15 credit card billed. Joy is starting to overcome the waiting.

    10/20 Visor Deluxe Graphite arrived. Haven't had this much joy and excitement since discovery of the opposite gender.

    11/1 Unit died, not of loneliness. First trip to Rite Aid.

    11/1 8:30AM called T.S. told them of "Fatal Error, Fatal Exception" error. They condemned said unit to scrap heap narry a prayer or thought as to the cause of said demise. Funeral was beautiful and the eulogy was given by a former Palm user.

    11/1 8:31AM PST, called C.S. at 716-871-6442 advised them of historical significance of the demised Visor was given 3 options for replacement. Opted for $29.95 Next Day delivery with a 14 day return limit on "RIP" unit before charges would apply to credit card.

    11/2 10:30AM UPS at the door not a Visor but another NDA delivery. Second trip to Rite Aid for valium and other legal substances that would soon be abused.

    11/2 10:31AM re-called non-toll free number was told by different CSR that unit had definitely shipped but they could not confirm by what means rather UPS or FED EX. Literally chased down the Fed Ex driver while nearly causing at least 3 near death experiences for humans and a puppy. Didn't make the 11 o'clock news but did require another trip to Rite Aid due to precription drug use because of no Visor.

    11/2 Noon - Blood pressure has caused a near fatal black out. I must leave to go to Las Vegas for a trade show. Rite Aid has prescription ready as I drive by on my way out of town. Stroke is averted.

    11/3 7:00AM PST before Trade Show duties call, I re-call non-toll free number this time from cell phone because the charges are cheaper than what the hotel wants to charge me for local access. C.S. states "we sent an expedidited request to Kentucky for them to send replacement". I am desperately seeking another Rite Aid.

    11/4-11/5 Visor withdrawls continue however my HMO has demanded that I submit my prescription card to the local pharmacist to be destroyed.

    11/6 Saturday - Still no replacement Visor. Speak to Supervisor at the non-toll free number, Mike F., very apologetic and very calming. Yet another stroke averted.
    Email sent to S. Torres who Mike informs me is in charge of Customer Care at Handspring in Mountain View, CA. I request a response by Tuesday PM. Saturday night football and Tenn. Volunteers win.....manage to get ready for Sunday.

    11/7 Football performs it's required duty of distraction even though the 49er's don't win.

    11/8 The non-toll free number gets a break. I decide to give Mike a chance. He stated I'd get a confirmation email after Monday when the replacement had been shipped. But I'm still looking to see if Rite Aid is close by and no geographically focused earthquakes have demised the building, after all they, like me, are within 1/2 mile of San Andreas fault.

    11/9 4:30AM prescription has worn off. I'm reveals more spam than in either Hawaii or abused by Monty Python sketch.

    5:01AM Immediate answer on the non-toll free line. Speak with Mike F. yet again. He can't confirm if replacement has or has not been shipped. I inform him that the noise he hears in the background is the sound of blood vessels bursting in my head. He provides me with a direct phone number to Mountain View. Thank goodness Rite Aid is open 24 hours.

    9:30AM PST, left cordial message with S. Torres at Mountain View. (No really, it was cordial...I didn't even mention the mounting prescription bills). Called the local brick and mortar retailer to see if they had a Palm Vx and asked them to hold for me until medication could wear off and I could then legally drive over and pick it up.

    2:30 PM PST, A knock at the's, it's, it's yes....Fed Ex, the package states

    Louisville, KY 40299

    too short for a baseball bat. Hurry open it.
    Yes it's the replacement unit.

    2:31PM Medication has not worn off enough for me to effectively install batteries let alone tap the center of the X. I reach for my ever vigilent Pepsi One for some caffeine to conteract the anti-stroke medication.

    2:31:30PM Visor in USB sync tray. Button pushed. 48 seconds later: The proverbial request to "reset" before changes will take effect:

    2:32:20PM Neighbor hears the screams of joy and calls to verify that I didn't have a stroke.....Visor is synched and running.

    The End!

    Now I'm still awaiting responses to emails, voice mails and for the my cases that are ordered.

    The products extremely good! If your willing to go thru fire and brimstone. I was a Palm V owner. I like this better. Hang in there guys and gals cause this is an E-Ticket ride that Handspring has taken us all on and when the ride is all over, I'd bet we'll all be willing to go through it again when they come out with color.


    Edits were to fix some gramatically incorrect typos etc. The names were not changed to protect the innocent.

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    Thanks for the story of your "roller coaster" ride with your Visor. I'm very impressed that you actually like it that much, given all the "hurdles" you went through. I'm sure we all hope it's worth it.

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    I to am a former Palm V owner. I currently use a Graphite Visor deluxe as my primary PDA. In fact I like it so much, I even ordered a second(Blue) Visor soon after receiving the first one. And yes, I'm going to sell the Palm V on ebay. The Visor is just a better overall PDA; more memory, expansion slot, USB sync...need I say more?
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    Visor is not just a PDA it's an adventure, remember that! Without the "roller coaster" ride the visor would be like all the other boring PDA's. Enjoy the excitment folks, the day will come when it's in your hand and you'll not have anything to look forward to, unless of course you order another one.
    Am I going to regret changing order from blue to ice? Anyone know?
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    foo fighter --

    what will you use two Visors for? Or are you giving one away as a gift?

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    That was funny! Thanks for giving me a few laughs.

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    That was the intention. Also, sent this thread to Sandy Torres and Donna Dubinsky. Well let you know if they respond because I'm still awaiting a response from someone regarding all of the above.

    Truthfully, the product speaks for itself, which when the voice recorder springboard arrives will be a true statement, literally.
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    Awright Moose, you are officially reponsible for the destruction of my Professional Demeanor (tm) as giggles erupt from my corner of the office...

    I'm sure Fed Ex drivers are used to being chased, many's the time I have chased them (just don't tell my husband...)
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    did you get charged for 'overnight delivery'?

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    Send me an e-mail with a mailing address. After returning the Visor, I realized I still have that Innogear Reset Tool and figured you might want it. Meanwhile, PDA Panache sent me my Vx stylus -- very cool -- and will soon be selling a Visor stylus (presumably with a reset pin). So unless you plan on picking up their stylus, send me a valid address and I'll dump it in the mail.

    Otherwise, I'll have to auction it ;-) on E-Bay.
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    Hip Hop,
    Not yet and I don't believe that I will.

    Hot Carl,
    Thanks for the offer but go ahead and sell it on ebay or wherever....I've got my own.

    Update to this saga:

    Sandy Torres called me yesterday and I let her know that I had received my replacement. I alse emailed this thread to Sandy and Donna Dubinsky.

    Donna emailed me back today and was very cordial and was positive that things would improve.

    Regarding the cases:

    The custom cases will be delayed due to the focus on shipping the units. The delay...Sandy did not want to commit to a specific time frame but said that it was probably two+ weeks away.

    The more generic cases may start going out towards the end of next week. I'd say at this point in time that those of us waiting on cases should probably just continue to wait until the get the Visor units out the door that are committed to be shipped by 4 to 6 weeks.

    I for one will continue to wait patiently because of the quality of the Visor itself. And that really should be Handspring focus...getting out the units and then after being caught up.

    I'll post an update on the case issue in the accessories area as well.

    Moose Man

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