10-6 Called to change order to graphite and
when verifying info, corrected an error
in the spelling of my name.

10-13 Called to check order status,
was told is was shipping and
to call back in a week if I didn’t get
it. Verified my information.

10-20 Called and was told it did not ship
but to call in a week to check status.
Verified my information.

10-27 Called and was told it would be three
more weeks. Verified my information.

11-3 Called to make sure my September order
would be in their ‘priority’ and was
told my order is dated 10-6 (scream)
Verified my information.

11-5 Was called (there’s a change for once)
and a gentleman verified my info
once again!

11-11 (Today) Came home to receive a
telephone message from a Travis Casper
at Handspring to notify me that my
credit card info was wrong!!!!

Oy Vey.