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    Treo 600 @ $389 or Treo 650 @ $600 ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo600mad
    Treo 600 @ $389 or Treo 650 @ $600 ?

    Are you trying to advertise something you have for sale on Ebay, or asking what the general populace here thinks you should buy?
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    Ok Treo600mad, you've posted the same thing in several different threads so I'm assuming you're the seller of the link you posted on Ebay. If not, it's still very bad form to post the same thing over and over again in different threads.

    Try marketplace to peddle your wares and save us the repeated self promotion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribalenvy
    Try marketplace to peddle your wares
    I love that line
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    If you would like to think about sell these treo600 out of US, like China.
    My friends and I may buy all 46 treo600 from you if you can offer an more suitable price.

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