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    I originally had a September 20th, 1999, order of a Blue Visor Deluxe. I called several times in October and November, confirming my information - after reading about the troubles many VC members had. Several of my friends who placed orders later than I, received their Visors today, so I called to see what was up - since my eight week deadline passed. After being on hold for 30 minutes, I talked to a Sales Rep who got my card and told me that they didn't have my correct credit card number and that it WAS ALL MY FAULT. I asked the sales rep to elaborate and he said that I should have called to check my order (which I did), and he informed me that he will talk to his supervisor about upgrading the status of my order and that I would have to wait another four to six weeks for shipment - even though, Donna Dubinsky mandated all September orders shipped by November 15th. When I asked to speak to a Supervisor they said that he was helping another customer and that he can call me back to take care of the order in two to four weeks. So it looks like my September order will arrive around Christmas.

    I sent an email to Ms. Dubinsky describing my situation and seeking help.

    Contray to work Hot Carl or Mircoman would do - I decided not to cancel my order and to bear with them. I decided to bear with them, because I love the Handspring Visor and I'm giving them a chance to fulfill my order - because I still have some faith in them.
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    Faith is very important right now!

    I got some bible applications for my for my IIIx and I programmed some prayers which are running in the backround. I hope the PalmOS will not delete Visor prayers automatically.

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    well - i'm hoping to get my visor by the christmas =P
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    Your eight week deadline doesn't end until NEXT week! You're a week early, although it may SEEM like a LOT longer...
    They are working on the early orders, so take heart and enjoy the free upgrade to FedEx!
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    Well the problem is - how do you count a week?
    I count week 1, starting 9/20, and I ordered on a monday, so would the 15th or the week of the 8th be the eigth week?
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    This is the response I got from Ms. Dubinsky regarding my email.

    From: Donna Dubinsky
    To: Elfbomber
    Subject: RE: Regarding my Order on 9.20.99
    Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 08:27:27 -0800

    By copy of this email, I'm asking my customer relations staff to investigate your order. It should not go to the end of the queue, I agree, so let's see if we can get it properly dated for you.

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    I got a call from Barbara saying that my Handspring Visor had shipped out yesterday, and that I should get it today... It didn't arrive today - so I must play phone tag with her tomorrow.

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