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    Just to make you all feel better I ordered on 9/14 and still don't have mine. I called once three weeks ago after being on hold several times for more than an hour and they hem and hawed and had my order totally incorrect. I fixed it and they said two weeks. I called then and they said a week and a half. then I called yesterday they said 5 days I don't believe it but don't have time to fight. Pretty ugly huh?
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    I hear you. I also ordered 9/14 9:00 am CST. First time the CC # was bad, then the correction was lost, then the reorder was lost, and then original order was resusitated with the correct CC #. It goes on and on. What really hurts is that people who have ordered after us are complaining directly and getting their orders.
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    I ordered 9/29 and they had also put my name down wrong...

    What is most frustrating is that when I asked the CSR what it shows my order date as, he told me October 6th, the day they fixed the info...

    So when they say September orders are priority, I have been pushed to the wayside, as you guys might have also...

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    I ordered on the 17th of Sept., I've had no errors at all in my order, and I'm still waiting. Sigh. Maybe we should form a support group.

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