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    I swore to myself I wouldn't do it.
    But I am absolutely at wits end at the inabilty of Customer Service to take an order right as well as several fruitless attempts to email handspring and to contact a supervisor... But I did it...I emailed Dubinsky. Very polite...but I just wanted her to forward my email to someone that could give me straight answers (my original order was 9/29 and no charges or anything yet)...

    And lo and behold I immediately got a response!!!

    ---I will be out of the office on November 11. Please be patient and I'll get
    back to you as soon as I can. Thanks, Donna---



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    Oh, drat! That means that SHE is taking the Thursday holiday! I hope the entire office isn't off!
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    Zen said "I swore to myself I wouldn't do it."

    Lots of us have been in that same boat, I suspect. I'd ordered on 9/19; after reading all the horror stories here and elsewhere, I finally mailed Donna last Thursday and got a (polite and personalized) reply midday Friday. Tuesday afternoon I got a phone call from Susan Yost; yesterday I got a FedEx tracking number that shows my VDx on its way to Sweet Home Alabama (it's in Memphis right now.)

    Moral of the story: the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Corollary: you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. See, Mom, I was listening

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    Gee. It seems the only way to get your Visor is to go outside the normal channels for contacting them. All those that have done so, have recieved their Visors (my observation). Yet everyone says leave them alone and let them work. Hmmm. If only the squeaky wheel gets the oil, then eventually all your customers turn into sqeaky wheels. I've been waiting 57 days now (ordered 9/14) and feel as you do, but decided to give them a little more rope, until the 15th, to make good on their latest promise. Come on Handspring, you can do it.
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    DigitalCajun: Sorry to just throw out this worthless information...

    But you CAN catch more flies with vinegar if they're fruit flies.. Apple cider vinegar actually works like a charm to catch them.


    It's good to hear that some people are getting actual personalized responses. The hardest thing about this is not the waiting, but the waiting with no clue at all. You can sit on a desert island patiently if you know you will be rescued in 3-5 days, but if they say 3-5 days and it's been 3 weeks with no notification, then you start to freak out.
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    About the whole - I hate to do this - that I posted...

    Honestly, I feel that it -is- wrong to email Dubisnsky... But I would never have done so had Customer Service just gave me a straight forward answer... From 'it has shipped' to 'we have your name wrong' to 3 weeks of 'call next week'... its insane.

    Now as to why I emailed her and not somewhere in the middle of the food chain...

    Well, I sent 2 emails to Customer Service...(The first 4 weeks ago) and got no response. I tried ddubisnky as email (didn't know it, was just a guess) and it worked...

    And yes it is disconcerting that those that have emailed and spoke with the bigwigs get things done and yes, it is upsetting to those that don't do this... I feel like a sell out.

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    I emailed her directly as well today and got the same response that she will be outta the office I really hope this helps.

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    Well personally, I feel a little betrayed by Handspring. I'm doing everything the've told me to do, trying my hardest to patiently cooperate, but I not being rewarded for my compliance.

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