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    Anyone else having "Server too busy" errors here? It can happen to anyone.
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    Good point. On the upside, I have actually been able to work as a result.
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    I think we have found the root of the problem.

    After the latest server upgrade earlier this week, the server randomly stopped serving .asp pages becasue it ran out of virtual memory.

    Let's hope it stays up.

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    man nothing worked for me about 5 minutes ago now its faster than ever
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    Unfortunently the site went down again around 12:00 am this morning. So the problem does not appear to be fixed.

    Back to the drawing board... If the problems seem to continue, I will move the site to another temporary box. I will let you know tomorrow what happens.

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    <Attempts to refrain from tirade on why Windows is EVIL for server stuff.>

    Any peticular reason to use Win as opposed to say linux here?

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