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    I emailed Ms. Dubinsky asking to please change my delivery address and she emailed me back (VERY quickly, same as my last email to her regarding the CSR's) and said that none of the web orders has shipped yet, so they should be able to change my ship-to.

    So, apparently we're in line after all the September phone orders are straightened out. I'm hopeful we'll still get ours by the 6 week mark, since they seem to be getting a lot of the Sep orders out. So let's start rooting for all the Sep phone orders, okay??? The sooner they get theirs, the sooner we get ours.... <keeping fingers crossed>
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    The next time you e-mail her, please remind her that the web orders were originally promised by 10/31. I know we are still in the 4-6 week promise, but the orders are overdue. She needs to send out the web orders NOW too!!
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    Well, I'm not emailing her again unless my Visor isn't here on the 17th. That's the end of the 6 week period for my order. She's been kind enough to respond very quickly to two emails of mine, I'm not going to take up any more of her time when she's trying to get the orders out as fast as she can.

    Believe me, I *know* that the early October orders originally said Oct 31, and I was hoping for that too, since it would have been here for my birthday. But given the problems they've had, I'll quite honestly be satisfied if they actually get my visor by the revised date of 4-6 weeks. And knowing that they're actually trying to work through the orders FIFO from this point forward actually makes me feel better. And the fact we're seeing so many of the September orders finally received. Someone's busting their **** over at HS, and I appreciate that. It doesn't excuse the foul-ups, but at least it's progress.
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    I wish I knew if they are going to use FedEx overnight if we paid the extra money for but ordered on the Web (10/6). My worry now is that my visor will arrive here at my dorm during the week the campus is closed for Thanksgiving. I'm not sure how Fedex or UPS will handle that. Anyone care to hazard a guess?
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    I just looked at my original email confirmation and "Estimated Ship Date" was October 31, so we are still in the Window of 4 to 6 weeks.

    After all the problems, I feel very fortunate to be in the 4 to 6 week window, but we will find out next week.

    Thanks for the info MeghannMac, I appreciate it.
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    Just talked to CS last night and was told that web orders where sent automatically to the warehouse.

    Question is which warehouse and by what means? Location: honduras, method: dog sled
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    MeghannMac, Thanks for the info on web orders.

    I found mentions of 142 sept orders on VC; of these, 107 report having received their visor and 6 cancelled. So there are only 29 VC posters ahead of us; of course, who knows how many orders are not mentioned here on VC?

    Although it seems like the messed up orders are heavily biased toward the first 3 or 4 days, I think that the overall Sept orders are also heavily weighted for then. My guess is that "gotta have it first" people ordered in a burst around 9/14, and then demand tapered off until the Internet show in NY on 10/6.

    The funny thing is...I did my order on the web site because I was worried about transcription errors by phone...I actually spoke to a CSR on 10/7 and didn't give him the order, since I was already doing it on the web. I don't know about the other early webbers, but for me, it was clear that this was going to take patience, since it took _hours_ to load the pages as I processed the order...but that beat being on hold for that amount of time since I could still work while the browser churned in the background.

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