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    How many are out there that have been billed but yet for 2 or three weeks have still not seen thier order?
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    Ordered September 14, billed Oct 22 but I am still waiting. I was told it shipped it has not arrived in nearly three weeks.

    I am speculating that they fired the shipping contractor on Oct 22 or so. Those of us on the bubble have screwed up orders.
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    I got billed on Oct 22... Still no Ice Vdx W Serial cradle. CS rep Jenny was supposed to have escalated it last week... I wish cs was better connected to orders than excel spreadsheet.
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    I thought you cancelled that order...just because others are still getting visors after cancelling or after not ordering at all doesn't mean that you should expect to get one too!

    p.s. if I misread whatever other post made me think you cancelled, sorry!

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