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    Hi. I'm new to the PDA world. The visor I ordered online on 10/28 will be my first palm device. My question is should I cancel my order and get a Palm IIIx? Is that a bettr first time unit since Palm's customer service is evidently so much better? I know can get me one within a week for much less than the blue deluxe i ordered. I realize the visor has 4mb more but will that matter for me? I'm hardly a power user. I'll use it to sync my outlook and I want to use the AvantGo stuff too.

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    Would you be happy with your PC if you settled for 32MB of RAM? After all, you were just going to use it to surf the web...
    You really can never over buy technology. Would you rather have the ability to do a variety of different things with your PDA, even if you don't think that you will use it to it's fullest today? Or would you rather have to trade up when you discover that there are really cool things that you COULD have done if you had only stuck with a Visor?
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    My friend has palm IIIx and a colleague has a V. We made a comparison last week and they are not liking theirs only.

    This is just my feedback. I think it is worth the wait.
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    I did just that ! I cancelled..bought a Palm IIIx from (received in 48 hours).. however I learned that HS dinged my CC yesterday despite cancelling a week ago! If I get the Visor, I will sale it.. This is my first Palm OS device (former Nino user)...I have discovered you can put the Minstrel III wireless modem on the IIIx and surf the web now ! I plan to add the extra 4 megs memory If I need it ($73)... Go for it ! You wont be disappointed !
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    I think you should hold out! You'll be glad you did. The Visor is a terrific PDA: well-built, fast, with lots of space and a good screen. And you're paying a good price for so fully featured a product. Don't forget: you can get springboards. (I recommend the backup module for starters.) And despite the customer service troubles that are still in the middle of being cleared up, HS is showing itself to be very customer- concerned. Once the mess is over, I'm sure we'll see the kind of customer service that they intended from the beginning.

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    I cancelled and got a Palm IIIx. Should arrive tomorrow or the next day.

    I had to wait as Visor put an authorization "hold" on my card of $550, which ate up my open credit. This, despite cancelling my order for 2 Visor Deluxes *twice*.

    I might return to Handspring down the road, but for now I'm worried that tech support, etc. might be a big problem.
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    (I'm not a "power user," either, so I expect that the IIIx will be more than fine for my memory needs.)
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    Well I have a IIIx (ordered from, received it 2 days later even with the cheapest shipping option) and I have 2 visors (it's a long story, I never really ordered them in the first place).

    Even with the 4 extra megs, USB and the springborad option, I actually think they are equal products...with the IIIx pulling ahead with the great support.
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    I just got my visor. I had to wait almost 2 months for it. It is definantly worth the wait. I almost cancled, but didn't.(I was actually going to cancel at the end of the week) It is good for a first time user, and older users too.
    I agree with the poster that said you can never over buy technology.
    Wait for you visor. It has more memory, a better screen, and a springboard.

    You won't regret the wait.
    just my $.02

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    I'm assuming that you don't need it yesterday, since it was clear that it wasn't going to come immediately when you ordered. If you were willing to wait 4-6 weeks + shipping then, I'd only cancel if something has changed and you don't want to wait 2-4 weeks + shipping now.

    You can get a Palm so quickly (i.e. go to Office Depot or someplace similar) that it isn't like you would be getting back into a similarly long line.

    I had a Palm Pro, upgraded to a Palm III equivalent. It was my first PDA and I loved it. However, when it died, I ordered a Visor because I found that, like every other computer I ever owned, I wound up wanting more memory than I thought I would when I first got it. For me, the cute form factor, the colors and even the springboard are gravy. The big factors were 1) Palm OS as a known quantity, 2) more RAM and 3) cheaper.

    I vote that you should hold on.

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