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    Well, I just go off the phone with Jackie, who is a CSR. I found out a lot of interesting things.

    First, she told me that all of the September orders have been escalated.(I ordered 9/24) The funny thing was that she took all of my information down again. She didn't even try to look up my info(at least I don't think she did.) She said that it gets send right down to shipping.

    So, the next logical question was when will it ship. Well, here is what she said. Donna has "mandated" that all sept orders go out by the 14th of Nov. Thats basically all she could tell me. So, at least that means only 1 more week to go untill they ship.(but I wouldn't count on that)

    Then, I thought, "hmm, if she just re-enterd all my stuff, I'll get two orders because of the original order." I asked her about that, and she said that all the Sept orders are screwed up, and something about databases being different, I don't know.

    I'm getting really sick of this. I will wait 1 more week, and then, if it still hasn't arrived, it never will, because I will cancel. I guess I'll get a palm V. They are really neat. Maybe a Vx, so i can still have the 8mb. Hopefully it gets here, because I would much rather have the visor.
    Only time will tell.


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    I got the same story and believe it or not I believe the guy that told me it...

    But though being also told that, the 15th of November will be my deadline for these guys or else I will be getting a Vx.

    I have the programs, I have the Rhino case, I have an extra stylus to I just need a PDA...

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    If I hadn't already ordered on the web, I would call up right now and say "What do you mean you have no record of my 9/14 order!!!!" "I've been waiting now for over a month and a half! Take my info down right now and send it directly to shipping!"

    Of course, anyone who does that and gets away with it will burn in hell for all eternity :-)
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    At least another week before they ship our September orders? This is beyond rediculous. I'd like to presume that they upgraded the shipping on these orders to overnight, otherwise your talking another week just for delivery. If I don't get a definite "its been shipped" by this coming Friday, I think I'll go get a palm instead. The springboards are neat, but I could live without one. For all of this misery they should send all of us September people who got their orders screwed up the 5 pack of styli for free, like they have for some other customers who at least have already received their visors.
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    They didn't say it would be another week before shipping them, the story is that Donna D. has mandated that ALL September orders will be out the door NO LATER THAN 10/14.
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    Doesn't it bother any of you that it's STILL a story?
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    Well, there is a chance that it's a TRUE story.
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    Maybe a CSR actually read the HS site that say they expect to get all the early orders out by mid November and hopefully sooner...
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    Well, I guess that Jackie was telling the truth, because when I got home from school today, there was a Fed-ex package, and I got my visor. It's a blue Visor deluxe. Very nice.

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    what about november orders... i ordered november 1 i dont think that only september and october orders should be prioritized
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    Oh, I'm so sorry, BrennerJ... you've only been waiting 10 days when the estimated ship date they've been giving to everyone is 4-6 weeks, not 4-6 DAYS! I don't feel right griping because I'm an October order and the September folks are still waiting! Come gripe again in a month, and you'll get more sympathy.
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    Wow, brennerj, I really feel for ya. I can't imagine waiting for ten days to get a Visor.

    Of course, that's because I waited almost two months to get mine! I would buy a notepad and a pen, 'cause you've got to wait 4-6 weeks, just like the rest of us. Don't worry, it's worth the wait.

    Of course, now that we (the September folks) are getting our orders, the October crew gets to start griping. Shift change!

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    Brennerj...we're all anxious. But good God man, NOVEMBER 1st. I'd keep my head down if I were you. If you're going to start 'ruffling yer feathers'. We might eat you for Thanksgiving!

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