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    From the flood of posts, I guess Donna was serious about getting those Spetember orders shipped. I just got my IVD last night, and it was well worth the wait.

    The unit feels very solid, and the USB sync was so fast, I thought that something had gone wrong. I'm now scouring the web looking for more apps to dump onto it.

    Kudos to Donna and Handspring for a great product, and for making it so cool, we'd put up with a very rocky start to get ahold of it.

    I have discovered one problem, though: if you use the empty Springboard slot to store an extra few bucks, they show through the clear case. Other than that, I am very very pleased. Maybe it wasn't worth quite THAT long of a wait, now that it's here, I'm glad I didn't cancel.

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    Guess you should be happy you didn't go with the Palm and *have* those extra bucks to show through the back, huh?

    Kidding... I'm glad yours and everyone else's seems to be arriving, because that means I might be back in the queue! hehehe... also good to know the wait is going to be worth it!
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    You missed the whole point of the slot! The idea is that you SPEND those extra bucks on things to fill the slot. That way, you won't have the money hanging around in there to get ripped off...
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    Sadly enough, I've redone my budget so I can have money every month to save up for expansion cards... so the money won't be in there for long.

    First up is getting a new Gotype keyboard. My girlfriend gets the old one.

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    A keyboard sounds like it may be the next one for me also. I really want to see the folding one before I decide to go with it or the Gotype.
    ..Unless, of course, the Six Pack comes out real soon and it doesn't cost an arm an a leg. Then I'll have to buy that first.

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