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    Don't get me wrong; I'm happy as hell for Sunny D, a colleague at work, but he got his black Deluxe today, having ordered about five weeks ago. I'm approaching week no. 9 (Blue Deluxe). Grr. Well, at least they're making it across the border. (Fedex)
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    Well, it's good to hear that at least one Canadian has their Visor. I was beginning to think we were all on the backburner. Now if only some of us Canadian September orders on this board got theirs everything would be much better. As it is, I'm giving them this week to get it to me, then I'm going to stop being such a polite Canadian...
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    By the way, according to the CSR, his order won't ship until some time next week (yeah, a sting operation--so sue me), just like mine (the one I haven't gotten yet) will. I guess that means I can expect it any second now.
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    Do you know how much your friend was actually charged ?
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    Sorry, no clue at this point. The credit card hasn't been charged yet.

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