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    I ordered a visor dlx online a few weeks ago. I have not received any email confirming my order. I have tried calling and emailing their customer "service" reps with no luck. Now, I am not sure if I will ever receive a Visor.

    It seems as though most people who have received Visors are the ones who have ordered over the phone. Is there anyone out there who has received an online order or is in the same situation as me?
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    Well, I'm another online order, 10/6, which I believe was the first day the online store was up. And my visor isn't overdue until the 11/17. However, I *did* receive a confirmation email, so I'm not really worried about my order.

    You should be able to check your order online, with the email address and password you gave during the order process. If it's there, I wouldn't worry about it. If you can't pull it up on their site, I'd call one of the CSR numbers listed on the site (toll free would be my preference) as I think they can actually verify that you ARE in the system. If they can't verify it, either re-place the order or call the HQ number listed on the website and leave a message. Those messages seem to be getting some response, anyway.

    Good luck!
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    I ordered online on 10/6 - I received an Email confirmation and as of last night, my credit card showed a charge for the correct amount. I had to change my credit card information through Customer Care and they updated my information and the credit card charge indicates that the changes were made. Everything is looking very good.

    This is the fifth week and I expect to receive my Visor Deluxe next week sometime. I am very very hopeful and confident that Handspring will deliver within the time frame. Until next week.....

    Ride Safe My Friends!
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    kevin, there are still plenty of us that placed orders in mid september that haven't received anything.

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