Well, the unimaginable has happened. My Visor came today. When I got home from school today, there was a Fed-ex package with my name on it. I could hardly believe it.

The ironic thing about this is today me and my friend(who also ordered a visor) were joking that when I got home I would be there.

The other strange thing is that also today, I went in search for a cheap Palm Vx, but I guess that I don't need to do that anymore.

I had originally ordered on 9/24, and thought that they had all my info right. I waited longer than most to call back to check my order. When I finally did, all the info was correct, except they didn't have my middle initial, which is on my cc. The CSR said it wasn't needed. I finally called back on friday( 11/5). I talked to Jackie, who was very nice and seemed to know what was going on. She said she would 'escalate' my order, and that Donna had 'mandated' that all orders in Sept. go out by 11/15.

I wasn't sure if she was right or not, because of all the other stories. I guess she was. My advice is to call(talk to Jackie if you can) and talk to a CSR if you ordered in Sept.

I have been very frustrated, but now that I have my Visor, it seems to all have disapeared, and now I am very happy, and love it. Have faith, the orderes will come, and you will not regret waiting.


PS. If anyone want to know my impressions, just ask, and i'll put something up.