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    I know some of you might be mad when you read this. But I can't resist because I feel so lucky to have been sent free product. Anyway here is what happened:

    on in early October I phoned HS hoping to place an order for ONE blue Dx. After enduring long hold times and an inept sales rep and having to give out all my shipping/billing info, I was told that HS doesn't accept the DISCOVER card as a form of payment. And the sales person told me this about 10 minutes AFTER I told him I wanted to pay by DISCOVER. Oh well...2 weeks later I bought the Palm 3x.

    Well low and behold, what do I see in front of me today? *TWO* Blue Vx's. Not one, but *TWO*. I never completed the order for one Vx let alone 2!!!!!!

    I'm just glad that I never gave out my CC# or they might have charged me for FOUR Vx's seeing the way things are going over there.
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    Want to sell one of them?
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    me 2nd.
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    Eeeekk. Sorry folks. I'm thinkin' of giving them as matching Christmas presents to my parents. Seeing that my mom is very technophobic, I might use one as a guinnipig is you know what I mean
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    Wow, what a comedy of errors. Only the Three Stooges were funnier.
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    See everyone, the ads are right:

    It pays to Discover.
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    Last time I checked handspring doesn't sell Vx's, but 3com does... Hmmmmm...
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    What a liar....prove it! Bet you can't..hahahah!!
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    It is suspicious... this person only registered today; the Vx reference is odd..
    hmmmmmmm.. I doubt the validity..
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    I am also suspicious. Would Handspring really ship a product without having a valid credit card number??? Who knows?

    I'm wondering how payment will be made. Somewhere down the line, HS is going to want their money.
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    opps sorry. I meant Vx as is V = Visor x = deluXe...oh well free product is always good ..maybe I should use the standard VD?

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