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    Since Handspring had a "massive shipment" during the weekend, I was wondering who has received a Visor, Monday?
    Date Ordered
    What Model (Deluxe or not)
    If so, What Color
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    The FedEx guy just left...although Susan had told me that blues were backordered (and I told her I would accept graphite...) my blue deluxe is here beside me...Ya - HOO!!!
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    I don't suppose you live in Canada?...
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    Sorry, Sunny Southern California (althought it looks like Canada right now...)
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    I got mine today!!!

    I ordered 10/5/99 via phone. I called and got "escalated" on 11/3 after my shipment went MIA. My card was charged on 10/28.

    Arrived today via FedEx Standard Overnight. Correct color (Ice Deluxe.) The label indicates a shipping date of 11/6. I'm in not-so-sunny-but-it-looks-to-be-clearing-up Southern California.

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    I recieved a VDx blue today. I originally ordered it in blue but called CS 2 times to change it to graphite. They said no problem, now I am trying to get my second visor order to get changed from blue to graphite.
    I got this one and it is not going back.
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    Well, ND, looks like you did beat me! Congrats! If I am lucky (no way) it will be waiting for me at home today... Yeah Right...
  8. SV
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    Recieved today 11/08/99 3 PM CT
    Ordered on 09/19/1999
    Visor Dx , Color Blue.

    First time Palm User.
    I am thrilled ....
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    Here's hoping, irewolf!

    Looks like they really did ship a lot out this weekend.
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    I did not receive my order yet.
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    Received today, via FedEx.

    Ordered 10/4
    Blue VDx
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    Received today via FedEx

    Blue Visor Deluxe and Backup Module
    Rainbow stylii on backorder
    Ordered 10/1

    I love it, I've never owned a Palm before! Everyone around me is already sick of me. (But then again, it might just be me... )

    MJH <><
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    Ordered: 9/17/99 (year included just in case)
    What: blue visor deluxe
    Where: So Cal

    I didn't get jack today. I called on Friday and was escalated, expedited and irate-ified (where they make a note in your file), and no Visor. I'm expecting them to next day Fedex it to me.

    I'm not really surprised, though, since it was afternoon on Friday when I called, and I prolly didn't make it to shipping by the time they went out. The CSR told me that my debit Mastercard did not go through.

    Maybe tomorrow?
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    I got mine that I ordered on 9/22 and cancled mine two weeks ago .. called lastnight and was told that my debit mastercard could not go through .. but it was here fed ex today when I got home from workb .. go figgure .. it is AWESOME

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    Nothing here in MA.

    I ordered online on Oct 7, which means I will probably be waiting a looong time.
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    I've got mine today!!!!!
    My details:
    Ordered: 3rd week in September (donít remember exactly the day) by phone
    Order Date in HS system: Oct 7
    Order Id: late 4900ís range
    Location: NYC
    Shipping: standard (but sent overnight)
    Ship date: nov/6/99
    VDx ICE, value charged OK.

    It's amaaaazinng! Thanks HS!
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    Got a blue visor in Iowa today.

    Ordered near end of sept. arrived via Fedex 11.8.99
    fist time PDA user.
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    I ordered a blue VDX on 10/1. They said mine hadn't even shipped. Now that I know quite a few people have had their's fedexed who ordered either the day I did or after, I'm going to bug them.
    Was anyone told the unit hadn't shipped and gotten theirs???

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    Well, if this makes you feel better, FedEx called at about 8 last night and asked where I live, they lost the first digit off my street address and couldn't find me. The funny thing was I called HS about an hour earlier, and the people there (supprise) told me it hadn't shipped yet, and that UPS had "Tagged" it for some reason. He just kept repeating that over and over, while munching on asuccer or something. FedEx said they would have it at my house this morning, so hopeufully, when I get home, I will have an ice visor waiting for me. My CC wasn't charged as of last night either, I checked that also... Good Luck Sarrett!
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    Thanks irewolf! That's good to hear!! Maybe I'll get lucky.
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