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    Funny...when I got my package the outer box had two labels on it, one indicating a UPS tracking number and the other was a FedEx label. I wonder if mine was initially going to be sent UPS, for some reason wasn't, and then got a FedEx label slapped on it once it was 'expedited'?

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    Ordered - 9/29
    Order date in HS - 10/19
    Shipping Method Requested - Std
    Shipping Method Used - Overnight
    Shipped - 11/6 at 5 PM
    Arrived - 11/8 at 12 Noon
    Location - GA

    Called on 11/4 - CSR indicated had not shipped, did not know when it would ship other than within 3 weeks

    They must have really pushed this weekend

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    Received 9 Nov FedEX Ice DX (regular shipping requested)
    Ordered 29 Sep

    I called this AM and was told that it had not shipped and "would probably ship next week." Today is the last day of the 6th week since I ordered.

    (Everything works great!)

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