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    The CSR stories will be sung of in the halls of our descendants! Here is my latest story:

    (Let me preface this by saying that I am a huge fan of the Visor, now having used one for a week. But c'mon guys, you're killing me here!)

    After calling to inform Handspring that I received a blue visor last Monday, not the Green I had very specifically ordered, I had waited patiently a week and to my surprise, a fedEx package arrived today. Inside:

    An ICE visor
    NOT the green visor I ordered
    An ICE Visor

    I also spent an hour on hold each time to relate to them my misfortune. And, yes, every time they call up my name, the database only contains the info of my original incorrect order that lists me as blue... Every call is like the first...

    "Walter" is suppossedly going to call me tomorrow at work, though I am very dubious. This tale seemed to even astound him, and he needed to consult with some authority figure to figure out what to do about this. I'll keep you posted.

    So I now have 2 Visors, both colors I never once even slightly mentioned in calls as being what I wanted. Perhaps a green one is on the way? I guess I get to pick out my favorite color and send the rest back. (And hope the Incoming dept. is MUCH better than the Outgoing dept. Sigh.)

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    well, I ordered my green visor deluxe in late september. I called back about 2 weeks later to verify the order (this is before any had shipped), and I found out that they had me down for a blue visor, not the green I know I asked for, as well as having my card's expiration date wrong. Heard this story before, right? The guy took my info and seemed to know what he was doing, and what else could I do at this point, so I just hoped things would work out.

    When my credit card was ticketed but never billed a week or so ago, I called back. When they looked up my order, they brought up the old, incorrect info, with the wrong card numvber and color! Im sure everyone is aware that there is no central database with up-to-the-minute info about orders. So anyway, they thought Id been "escalated" and everything should be fine, but agreed to send it through the pipes again and escalate me again and see what happens. Maybe Ill get 2, but who cares at this point? Ill send one back.

    So after numerous holds and very specifically specifying the color I wanted well in advance of it shipping, guess what type of visor finally arrived on my doorstep today:

    Friggin' BLUE!


    I cant even imagine trying to return something to them at this point, and Im so antsy to use my visor, especially cause its my first PDA, but I dig green alot and want what I want, and will not settle for blue. I am on hold as we speak to try and sort this out, and Ill fill you in on the gory details later.....

    Any one else get the wrong color delivered to them? What did you do?

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    If you have the money, you could place a new order for a green deluxe and then sell your "used" blue one on EBay when the green one arrives. (I'm sure you could make your money back and then some.)

    It may not be perfect but at least you have something to use until you get your replacement.

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    Ya got our empathy, but at this point I'd just take any color they send. Good luck sorting it out!
    If you live right, maybe they'll send a pack of styli as an apology!
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    I updated the details of my horror story above. Eagerly awaiting a call from Handspring today. Any body wanna place odds that they'll actually call me?
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    Why are you complaining? At least you have yours!
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    So shipping is color blind too? Maybe they should just send you one of each color and let you send back the ones that aren't green.
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    So that's who has my Ice Visor. I was wondering why I hadn't received it yet.

    Could you send it to me?

    Ride Safe My Friends!
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    Well, its 5:30, and "Walter" the CSR never called me today to resolve my plethora of mis-colored Visor problem. SIGH....
    Guess I have to wait on hold for a another hour to scream my cries of help into the blackhole of Customer Service
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    Greenmonk... I live in Seattle too, maybe I'll buy one from you cause they still have my order all phuckered up... email me


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