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    Well, VC was down for a bit today. The moral of the story is - even the best net sites are prone to crash...
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    I was starting to think that someone had posted an article related to VC on slashdot. Any explanation for the outage Marcus?
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    Yes, and I am rather confused about it...

    As most of you know I am a college student so I can't keep an eye on the site 24/7. When I got home about a half hour ago I noticed that the pages were not pulling up.

    So I tried some other sites that are located on the same server, and they all pulled up. I called the ISP that is hosting VC, and told them about my downtime. After a couple of minutes of troubleshooting we determined that Win NT stopped rendering .asp pages. You gotta love NT.

    After a reboot everything seems fine again. But I am afraid it will happen again...

    However, we will soon move VC to Peracto's new office in Gainesville, FL. We are currently in the process of getting a dedicated line there.

    VC will then be hosted on dedicated FreeBSD machines running Apache, Php3, and Mysql.

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    Perhaps I was dreaming, but prior to VC being down (last night) I saw a message that they -would- be down for a bit today... Then again...coulda been a dream.

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    Zen, You are living up to your username!
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    You weren't dreaming!
    We posted a notice a couple of days ago that said the server would be down on monday. It was for about 20 minutes. Todays downtime was unexpected though.


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