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    Posts here and there around here seem to show that everyone (almost) is ordering blue, ice, and graphite Visor Deluxe PDA's... I ordered an orange one.. Anyone else? Do you think that because not many people ordered this, shipping time could be less?

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    I covered 2/5 of the bases ordered Orange and Ice, on the web 10/6. Haven't got either yet. I have seen posts indicating Orange has been shipped.

    Where are the Visors made. Some of the delay may not have anything to do with the shipping / order databases but a shortage of units to ship. How many Visors fit in a shipping container? Do they come loose or boxed?
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    I ordered a blue one on 9/22 which I'm still waiting for... since the service was so good there, I was convinced to order an orange one 10/29.

    I basically decided I'd rather have an orange one and also wanted to see which one would arrive first...

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    I believe they are being manufactured in Malaysia.
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    Hmm... how many people do you think ordered Visors and how many do you think they are making in one day?

    This reminds me of trying to get my Apple iBook! But then that was an act of God problem... But now I'm happy with my new iMac.. Now if only my Visor would get here...


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