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    Despite this being my first post to VisorCentral discussions, Iíve been following its forums (mainly General Visor and after Ordering/Shipping) for a long time.

    Iím one of those who ordered in September and still havenít got the Ice VDx, and as many of you Iíve been told the same stories by HS CSR.

    Here my details:
    Ordered: 3rd week in September (donít remember exactly the day) by phone
    Order Date in HS system: Oct 7 (donít ask me whyÖ)
    Order Id: late 4900ís range
    Location: NYC
    Shipping: standard

    I would like to know if anyone who has his or her Order Id information close to mine has already received it.

    I think that if we have this Order Id updated on the Visor Received Log we will have a better idea when ours will come.

    Thanks a lot!
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    I ordered 10/6 on the Web mid 1500's, Ice and Orange. Nothing yet.
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    I order 10/22 order number in the 2000's...not received yet.
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    I'll toss in my info here:

    Ordered by Phone: Around Sep 22/23
    What: Blue Visor Deluxe
    Order Date in System: Oct 8
    Order ID: 5846
    Payment: Visa Debit Card
    Card Charged: Nope

    Status: Not received

    I may have changed it to a graphite Deluxe, and a MasterCard charge on Oct 26 -- that depends on whether it is 'really' in the system.
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    What a load! I, too, was told that I had ordered on 10/7, when I actually had ordered on 9/17. I ordered a blue deluxe and still have not received it. I am located in San Diego.
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    Ordered: 9/17 a.m.

    Date in HS system: Who cares because it makes no difference. We're being handled by HS now, not by the CS database.

    Order ID#: Around 3200

    Location: Northern California

    Shipping: It doesn't matter because our orders are going to be shipped overnight, no matter what we asked for.

    Status: Still waiting (but more patiently, now that I have a whole lot more info from HS)
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    Ordered on October 15th, Handspring Computer System says October 15th.

    Ordered Via Phone

    Ordered a Graphite Color.

    Order Number 19308

    And, Of course, Haven't seen it yet.
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    I was told I ordered on 10/1, I am not sure but I believe it was more like 9/20. I have confirmed everything with handspring but no charge on cc and nothing yet.
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    Hey everybody,

    Here another very happy visor owner (see visor log for details)...

    I hope you've got yours soon, too!
    You'll love it...
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    Ordered: 10/6 via the Web
    Method of Payment: Visa Credit Card
    Credit Status: Nothing as of Today
    Order Status: Unknown

    Orderer Status:
    Hoping for best (get order this week).
    Preparing for the worst (have to wait until December (or later...)).

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