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    Is there anyone out there who has ordered a visor in September and has not received it yet? I ordered a graphite deluxe in the last week of September (the 26th I think). I called last week and was told that all my information looked good and that my visor should have shipped a while back. The rep had no idea why my visor hadn't shipped and said he would contact his supervisor and expediate the order. To my dismay, he said that this could take 1-2 weeks. I waited a week and then decided to check up on the status of my order. After several unsuccessful attempts to get through to Handspring due to 1 hour plus waits I finally got through today. Unfortunately, there was no good news. There was no record of my order being expedited let alone shipped (I think my order is stuck in limbo). The service rep said he would flag my order to expedite it and that I should contact them in (another) 2 weeks if I don't hear anything. Now, I know Handspring has had their problems and has been correcting them, but this is getting a little upsetting. I know people who placed orders weeks after I did and who have already received their visors, while my order appears to have been forgotten or ignored. I'm getting to the point where I'm going to give up on Handspring and just go get a pilot.
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    Any September orders not received yet? I suspect there's hundreds of 'em not received yet. I order the blue dlx on September 16 and am still waiting.

    In interesting related news, this morning a CSR tried to convince me that my order was really placed on Oct. 4, as that was the date shown in the data base. After I became a bit more emphatic, he suggested that my order went from the paper to the computer on October 4th. Meanwhile, the order I placed a couple of weeks ago for my wife (green dlx) is no where to be found - but don't worry, I am assured that it isn't lost (wouldn't not being able to find it be "lost" by definition?).

    Here's hoping at least one of them shows up by Thanksgiving.
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    Add me to the list.....

    9/14 Order
    Blue Visor Deluxe

    No Charge; Not Received

    Handspring's error on my order has been 'fixed' on four different occasions (this last time by Handspring Corporate).

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    I ordered my Blue VD the last week of Sept. I am still waiting patiently....
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    I expect many don't have their Visor. Me:
    Ice VD (no, its not a new STD)
    Ordered Sept 30.
    Added express shipping and a 5 pack in early Oct. No charge yet.
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    I'm not positive about this, but I think the VisorCentral guys want us to keep all threads like this in the Shipping forum. But, for the record, I ordered my Ice VDx on 9/16, and gotten nothing so far. I did send a letter to Ms. Dubinsky today ( ). I hope we all get 'em soon.


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    A coworker and I placed separate orders on the 22nd of September... We each had to call and straighten out our orders which were completely and utterly messed up.

    I talked to them today and the rep said that due to the credit card billing issues they haven't been shipping for the past two weeks. However, she indicated that a large batch should go out later this week and another large batch late next week.

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    Maybe I should rephrase the question presented above. Is there anyone who ordered a graphite visor deluxe in September who has not received it yet.

    All of the responses so far seem to deal with colored visors. The rumor was that handspring underestimated the number of color visors they were going to sell and essentially ran out before they were able to fill all orders. However, I was under the impression that there was no such problem with the graphite visors.
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    Graphite Visor Dlx ordered 9/29

    Not received...

    Discrepencies in the handwriting and a general failure of the cognitive writing functions of the inept CSR brain has pushed my order to be recieved sometime in 2005 I believe.

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    I ordered my Visor Dlx Ice on Sept 17th (I know it was the 17th (remember this fact as it will be important later) as there was one passed around the SFPUG meeting the night before, which is when I made up my mind to get one) at aprox 1pm (after I got settled into work). I called on the 16th of Oct. after I had learned they started shipping the day before, to be told that my order had been shipped out with the first orders. I was estatic. Come Tuesday (20th)and no Visor I called again, to be told my Visor had not shipped untill that Monday. Fine, again I called as Thursday rolled around and no Visor (You have to understand I ordered (I thought) Express, AND I live one HUB stop away from the warehouse. Nothing I have ever ordered via UPS ground from Fremont has ever taken more than 2 days) and was told my order had never shipped, and my order info was fine (I checked both previous times also) and "would go out in the next shipment" My order has been in the warehouse and going out in the next order since then. Last night, in sheer frustration I called again (this being like my 7th time now) and was told my order had not been placed until Oct. 6th!!! Is this Handsprings way of dealing with my order so it would fit into the "4-6 week" period? I was quite livid and had a huge argument with the CSR who said there was nothing wrong with my order, and I insisted it was as they had the wrong date on it, plus I know of someone who ordered the same thing as I, on Oct 12. and recieved it almost a week ago. If they are supposedly filling the Oct orders "in the order they were recieved" like the web page states, where was mine? The CSR again told me my order was fine and was in the warehouse and "would go out in the next shipment"


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    Graphite Deluxe ordered 9/17.
    I do have some answers to your frustrations from the CEO. Check out my post at
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    MITCooler -- my info lines up with yours. I ordered a Blue Deluxe (via phone) on either Sep 22 or 23, I sent a couple of emails in early October and actually got responses to them! I called a couple of times also and at one point was told that my Visa Debit card was probably the issue -- also that Blue Visors were backordered. I did get some kind of order 'ID' number (5846) but haven't figured out if it means anything. The CSR took my MasterCard number and I agreed to change my color to graphite when she said this would result in me receiving the Visor sooner. A week later a called and (of course) no record of the change. Also, they had my order date as 10/8 -- though they said this could have been an update date, or possibly this is when I went from paper to computer.

    Still no charge, no Visor, still waiting....
    It will be interesting to see if I get Blue or Graphite (or both!).
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    Ordered Graphite Deluxe on 9/20
    No charge / No shipment
    Spoke with CSR 2 times and all looked good
    Got the usual "should ship end of this week, beginning of next"

    It's frustrating to hear that people who ordered weeks after my order are receiving their Visors!

    Handspring has until Friday and them I'm gone (I think)!
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    VDX Graphite ordered 9/14 in the morning. Called several times and received the same answer each time, later in the week or early next week.

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    ordered a ice visor deluxe 9-25. two weeks ago they said i would have it by 11-4 at the latest. this morning they said i ordered it 10-4, which is probably when it was finally entered in to their corrupted system. now god only knows when i will ever receive it.
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    please see my post
    It explains my situation - Yesterday I cancelled my Sept 15 order for a Visor.
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    Yeah me too...
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    I ordered a blue Visor Deluxe on Sept 18th; I'm still waiting, no billing, no package.
    I've called three times to check on the order, upon the second call they verified _everything_ on the order, which seemed strange until I heard of their data translation problems. I was told then that it would ship the next day. Didn't. The most recent call told me it would be another 7-10 days because of the shortage of colored units.
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    I placed my order for an Ice delux on the 17th, AM. No charge, no box, no call, no email, nothing. Just that it will ship as soon as it can, and you will be escelated to a higher status. That came from the one call I have made since ordering the damn thing. It is getting to the point where I really need it as well. Paper just isn't cutting it anymore.
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    Ordered 9/30/99...nada!
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