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    I ordered on Sept. 24 but cancelled on Nov 1, 1999...bought a Palm IIIx...BUT I may still get it anyway ? LOL
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    Ordered first day 9/14 11:05am Eastern from Jenny: Ice w/serial cradle and backup module. Reordered 10/21 12:30pm from Fiona. Still nothing. No word on the original order, still have the second one - will arrive in "4 to 6 weeks". Already blown by the original order delivery date. Still hopefull about the second one.
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    ICE Visor Deluxe on 14 Sept 1999 at 9am Central. Reordered four, (4, yes that's Four as 1, 2, 3, 4 - FOUR) times due lost or corrupted orders. And this from a company that sell 'Organizers'.
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    Well, I guess I'm somewhat lucky.
    I ordered a blue visor deluxe on 9/20/99 at 10:07 pm. And they haven't lost my order - i think... When I called to check, their like, "oh yeah, we have your info all here... What did you order again???"
    I'm hoping that I would get it before a color handspring comes out...
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    Ordered 9/14 Rung many times, waited for hours on hold. Told everything is OK On 3 different occasions. Still no CC charge, Still no visor. Sigh!!!
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    Ordered around 9/28 or 9/29. No sign of anything. Called once to check - had info on my order.

    Yesterday, based on reports about corrupted database, I sent an email with all the information about my order to the Customer Support address. Hope that it might help them sort out "corrupted data".

    I figure any of us that ordered in Sept and don't have our Visor yet were caught in the corrupted file(s). The only thing we can do from our end to speed things along is give them correct info about ourselves and orders.

    I really hope they can use this recorded information to straighten things out and speed up corrections and shipping.....


    Waiting patiently in Michigan . . .
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    I ordered early on on "Day One" (9/14 - 9:00 AM). I still have nothing.
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    For the purpose of having an accurate count, I'm another person that ordered an Ice Dlx early on Sept. 14 and still no visor.
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    Just talked to Handspring. It was represented to me that there was another delay and it will be another two weeks. "Mid November" they say now. I ordered early on 9/14, first day.
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    Just talked to Handspring. It was represented to me that there was another delay and it will be another two weeks. "Mid November" they say now. I ordered early on 9/14, first day.
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    No offense, but if a CSR told you mid-November then it has no credibility. I am another Sept 14 orderer that was billed on October 22. I am still waiting for shipment.
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    Rusty Smith,

    What "files" could've been corrupted from Day One? If memory serves, they were using pen and paper! Yeah, I'm being (only a little) facetious.
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    Okay I'm starting to really get pissed now. It's been over 6 weeks since I ordered my Visor and I still haven't received it. Now I'm reading that people who ordered in October and getting theirs! In fact some people are saying that the shipping times they've been quoted are shorter than my "Escalated" ordered...which they tell will be an additional 3 weeks. Is this anyway to treat people that ordered early?

    So I'm looking at over 10 weeks total wait much does this suck!

    Anyway I emailed them a note about this, but I've told myself if if I don't receive an answer from Handspring...I'm cancelling and buying a Palm Pilot

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    Here, Here.
    After 7 weeks, I've reached my boiling point. I've ordered 4 times over the past two months and spoken to many CSRs and received NOTHING. No apology, no returned calls, no complimentary stilus. Why? I'm outta here.
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    Ordered: September 22
    What: Graphite Deluxe and Backup Module

    NOTHING... and never been problem with any of my info (including two credit cards).

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    Ordered Sept 30. THis upcoming week will put me at the 6 week mark, see if any positive light is at the end of the tunnel or else I'm going to have to jump ship, Oddly though,they've had authorizations of over $800 dollars a week ago, now authorization of $280. WTF?
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    I ordered 9/17...a blue deluxe...still waiting. Quite a few e-mails and quite a few phone calls later, I have nothing to show for all my effort.
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    9/21, 2 x BDx
    2 calls, info all correct
    Have been hoping someone would reveal the "silver bullet" to get delivery, but the only thing suggested is the "poison pill" of cancellation.
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    Ordered Sept. 24.....Nothing..
    I gave them one last chance 11/1/99...BUT same old "this week" stuff; Jumped ship on 11/1/99.. Bought Palm IIIx same day; received it on 11/3/99. End of Story.... Total waste
    of time...Life is Short; Buy a Palm and get on with your life ! Check with them later if you want to ... Good Luck to all..
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    There are a ton of people who have not received Sept. orders.
    I ordered 9/18
    2 Visor Deluxe (blue and green)
    Last time I talked to them it had not been sent yet. "Within the next 2 weeks"
    I've heard that for the last month!!
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