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    This is the latest story from the CSR's at handspring. The story is that the system is so unbelievably screwed up (no kiddin sherlock) that until problems are fixed there will be NO shipments going out (except of course for those people that ordered in november). Shipments should however resume by the end of this week, which means that the visor i ordered in sept will become a christmas present indeed.
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    My decision to cancel is looking better
    everyday !...What a nightmare for such a highly regarded start-up and their owners !
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    Weren't they doin a batch shipment like at the end of the week or something? That be the reason why their shipping at the end of the week.
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    That's not just a CSR "story" - That's from the CEO (remember the letter I posted last week?). One of the complaints from this board was the FIFO wasn't happening and people were getting mad because newer orders were being shipped before theirs. Now people are mad because they have stopped shipping of newer orders to clear up the Sept backlog????? Come on people, you can't have it both ways! HS is doing the right thing and you're complaing about it????
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    I don't understand.
    Can't they continue to ship new orders with the old?
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    they haven't just stopped shipping just new orders, they've stopped shipping all orders. if they are doing a batch shipment later this week to get those that ordered in sept their visor then good for them "we're waiting". btw, what's the over/under for the last date a visor ordered in sept will ship? Put me down for Nov 20th.
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    Not true. If you don't believe me, just look on the board. Mine would have been shipped out Friday, but I didn't check my voice mail on Friday. Orders are going out as "special handling" via FedEx to clear out the September problems, and vis batch shipping for the others. HS Customer Relations (not the contract "Customer Care")is working on the orders.
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    hey staad i'm sure as hell rooting for your answer to be correct. i was just told something different. is there any way for us to call handspring customer service?
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    Grilla, I have a question about your initial post.. you said "...until problems are fixed there will be NO shipments going out (except of course for those people that ordered in november)" Now are you saying that if you ordered in November, then you'll be getting your Visor Sooner than those who ordered awhile ago? If this is the case, people can cancel their orders and just place a new one to get their shipment sooner! Can you please clarify?
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    I got mine today. Fedex Standard Overnight, shipped 11/6/99 according to the label. I called on 11/3 and got escalated or expedited or whatever they call it. Original order placed via phone 10/5/99.
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    No offense to the previous poster "Nitpicking Department", but this is bs. He ordered on 10/5, got his order expedited (whatever that means) and finally received his order. I ordered a graphite deluxe on September 24, supposedly had my order "expedited" and still no visor in sight. This process of people who ordered later than I did but getting their visors before me is really beginning to get on my nerves. From everything I hear, the visor is a great product, but the upstart of Handspring's operations has been pathetic to say the least! I'm very near the breaking point of saying heck with the extra money and just go out and get a palm Vx. Does anyone know where the best deals on the Vx can be found?
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    I'm wondering the same thing.. They say 4-6 weeks and he got his expedited after just 3-4 weeks?

    Who do I need to call to get this done?? I want my visor!!
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    I finally gave in to my impatience and emailed Ms. Dubinsky and Ms. Torres this morning. I had a response email within 3 hours, which I found impressive. And it was a personal response, which I found even more impressive.

    This is a partial quote from her response: "Our hardest problem has been being able to predict the shipping rate because
    of the corrupt data. This has left us in a difficult situation as to giving
    the CSRs information. I'm happy to say that we did finally untangle a good
    amount of the data, and shipped a lot of orders this past weekend. We
    should now be able to move forward on getting better information to
    everybody, including the CSRs. I will update my information on the web site
    as soon as I feel confident that what I have to say will really hold."

    I am more inclined to believe this response than the one from the CSR's stating that no orders are currently shipping. I think they're trying to get this mess untangled as quickly as possible. Also, because of the increasing reports of FedEx deliveries today, I'd suspect that quite a few of us will have deliveries in the next couple of days, FWIW. I'm frustrated with the screw-ups, too, but for various reasons decided to wait HS out, and I think I'll be glad for it. Just my 2c.
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    I just got off the phone with HS Customer Relations (they called me - what a switch!). As was stated by Ms. Dubinsky in her reply to me, they are handling everything from HS HQ. It is a one-on-one check to make sure everything is correct with the order. CR told me that as soon as she hung up with me, she would get in touch with shipping and send my order out FedEx. She also said that as soon as shipping assigned a tracking number to the order, she would call me back with the tracking number. If all goes well, I expect to see my Visor by Wednesday, at the latest. Tomorrow is a maybe, depending on the FedEx schedule from Fremont.
    It is as the CEO stated. Actually, I would have had a Visor in my hand today if I'd have picked up my voice mail on Friday...
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    First of all, I'm a girl!

    Second of all, I'm sorry to those who ordered earlier than I did and are still waiting. Although it's irritating to one's sense of fairness that the orders are NOT being shipped out in the order they were received, it's clear that they are not doing that on purpose in order to make us feel bad. The database of order info got corrupted and they have been putting the pieces together ever since. There's just no way things are going to go out in the order they were recieved.

    Third of all, I never called Handspring at all until I noted that my card had been charged (on 10/28) and the Visor still hadn't appeared as of 11/3. Since I'm in Southern California, even the slowest UPS service should have taken no more than 2 business days to be delivered. So I called to make sure they had my info right. They seemed to have everything OK except a missing suite number in my address, but they told me it had shipped 10/21 (which apparently it hadn't) and gave me a UPS tracking number that turned out to be invalid. When I called a second time (2 hours on hold each time before getting a CSR) I got told that my order would be "escalated" which I gather means that I got thrown on the 'problem pile.' Apparently once you're on that pile you get a free upgrade to Fed Ex, which doesn't in itself help you until they sort out any other problems with your order and your order gets shipped.

    Apparently there weren't any other problems with my order - when my package arrived, they still didn't have the suite number in my address, but fortunately it's not a huge building and the FedEx man knows our company well, so it got to me anyway. End of story. I didn't cut into the line or demand any kind of special treatment, so don't direct your ire at me!

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    No one's mad at you nitpicking. It is incredible though that you placed an order 10-5, there was a problem, and yet it STILL went out 10-21. Must be because you're a GIRL.

    It's just a joke folks.
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    I'm not miffed at those who got their hands on a Visor before me. It's not their fault. I guess they could have refused the package and wrote a letter to HS explaining that it was morally wrong to allow HS to break their FIFO promise...Yeh, right!
    For those of you who have a Visor, but ordered after 9/17, I have this to say...
    Enjoy it!
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    Yeah, it really helped when I batted my eyes at the CSR over the phone ..

    p.s. Though their system said it did, it apparently DIDN'T go out 10/21. They took my money on 10/28, though, which is less than 4 weeks from order date. Go figure.

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