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    ...graphite serial cradle.

    No blue Visor Deluxe. No indication on the packing slip as to where my Visor was or whether it was backordered. No charges to my credit card. At least it came FedEx.

    On the positive side the CSR I talked to this morning (Jackie) was very pleasant about it. I've been "escalated," whatever that really means.

    But a heck of a lot of good a cradle does me w/o a visor.

    I wouldn't be complaining if I had gotten nothing yet as I only ordered on 10/13. But getting a cradle with no indication about a Visor makes me nervous.

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    I ordered Sept. 24, cancelled 11/1..
    bought a Palm IIIx.. If I STILL get
    my Visor, I'll sale to you ! LOL
    Crazy situation !
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    King Kahaxxxxxx, your message was the funniest...hahahahah!! I can't BELIEVE Handspring only sent you the cradle and not the Visor Deluxe...hahahahahahah!!! I could not stop laughing for 10 minutes....!!!!

    At least they Fedexed it.....hahahahah!!!
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    That's all I've got it last week.
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    Not to add insult to injury for you serial cradle owners, but I guess you are all in for a lot of fun when you call tech support (assuming you eventually get Visors) when/if you have problems. Their tech support is as up on things as are their customer service and shipping reps.

    Sorry to hear that Handspring is still as ineffective and disorganized as they were forty-five days ago.

    Good luck with your...serial cradles... :-(
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    ROTF Laughing My *** OFF (LMAO) !

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    I just cancelled my order for 2 Visor Deluxes and a serial cradle.

    I ordered a Palm IIIX (I only have a paper Filofax right now so I'll be overjoyed with a Palm for my basic needs!!!!!)

    Got tired of waiting. Let's see if they send me the Visors anyhow.

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    Jennifer/Jenn: :-)

    First off, congrats on moving on. No point in wasting time if it's time you were hoping to use more efficiently by getting a PDA in the first place...

    BTW, I'd advise you check into getting a Palm Vx. It will last you longer (ie will have a longer usable shelf-life), and you'd prolly be better off in the long run so that the next PDA you buy would be a bug-free second version of a Palm color organizer. They're not due out until May, and the Palm Vx is an awesome PDA. I've had the III as well as the first and second Pilot models as well as the PalmPilot Professional, and while the III series is the best of them, the Vx is so far beyond anything they've done to date, including the VII (minus the wireless capability), it's not even funny. It's more money than both the IIIx and the Visor Deluxe, but I really think it's worth it. And if you end up loving it, you might not need to upgrade to the color Palm upon its release, which means it would save you money in the long-term even if it ended up costing you more short-term.

    My rationale was the specific discount I got resulted in me paying $350 for the Vx and the Palm form-fitting hardshell case. The IIIx is a good unit, but it's yesterday, whereas the Visor is sometime in the future, if it's ever shipped ;-) and the Vx is the best thing IMHO that Palm offers.

    Speaking of the Visor ever shipping, make sure that if you arranged for the Visor to be shipped to your office, you advise your shipping dep't not to accept anything from Handspring or something called "Fulfillment Center." Accepting it means they can put through the charge on your credit card and that means another few hours on hold listening to piped-in music.
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    Way to go, jennifer ! Good move !
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    I thought about one of the other models, but really for what I need the organizer to do, they're just overkill right now.

    I'd rather get my feet wet, so to speak, on a cheaper Palm IIIX, then if I like it I can move up to another model in the near future. (I don't really need wireless email, etc.)

    So now I'm anxiously awaiting my goody-bag of Pocket Quicken, WriteRight screens, and groovy pen/stylus things from Ttools. It will be like Christmas--next week!

    I do have a fear that Handspring will ship my order anyhow, and it will be hard to get the shipping dept at work to refuse items. Sounds like I could have another annoying Handspring adventure on my hands...

    Jennifer (not Jennifer/Jenn )
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    I took the same route/thought pattern...
    sounds like the Palm IIIx would be the best for you... I like mine !
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    Jennifer (not Jennifer/Jenn ) ;-)

    Makes being your first PDA, I don't fault your decision, and the IIIx is a good 'first PDA.' The VII is, for me as well, overkill, plus I don't like the size of it. Either way, getting your feet wet is prolly the best thing to do vis-a-vis a PDA overall.

    As far as the possible eventual shipment, just have your shipping dep't contact you if anything is received for you before accepting, if possible. Either that or just check in with the regular building UPS guy and let him know you're expecting a package from Freemont, CA from an entity called "Fulfillment Center." Give him your name and your floor/company and hopefully, unless you work in a huge bohemoth like I do, he'll remember to nix delivery. The other thing you can do is to write a memo for your shipping dep't if you have a decent relationship with anyone therein. Other than that, and upsetting the office heirarchy, I'd suggest making sure Handspring can't charge your card. If they haven't yet, then just call your credit card co. and tell them that any charge from HS should not be authorized in any way. This way, you won't be responsible for handling the subsequent fall-out.

    Kinda ridiculous that we have to think and strategize this way over such a pathetic situation, but it wouldn't surprise me if they manage to screw up yet again and ship products to, of all people, someone that _doesn't_ want them ;-)
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    Hot Carl, I generally agree with what you say, but saying a Vx will have a longer shelf life, I assume you mean useful life, than a IIIx, well, I think you are too much in love with your Vx. Assuming a new IIIx owner immediately upgrades to OS 3.3, then all a Vx gives you over a IIIx is more memory and a faster processor. Yes, the form factor is more convenient, although the hard clamshell case makes it the same size, although more squared, as the III. And to some the Li-Ion batteries are a plus, while to others they are a minus, requiring lugging the travel charger with you even on short out-of-town trips, just to be safe. For many people 4 MB RAM is quite satisfactory. Heck, there are a lot of happy V owners out there who aren't sweating over 2 MB RAM. That leaves us with the 20 mhz processor versus the 16. Not to want to rain on your parade, but the 20 is the same as the 16, just running at an increased clock speed. Now, Intel engineers have privately said that given a choice, buy a processor overclocked at even number; i.e., a 266 is a 66 running at 4 times the normal speed, while a 300 is a 66 running at 4.5 times the normal speed. All the Intel engineers I know say to buy the even multiple processor. Now, as far as the Vx goes, well it is the same processor running at a fractional multiple.

    So, to sum up the differences. Vx has a better form factor, so long as you don't put it in the clamshell hard case. Li-Ion batteries are a toss up, depending upon the user's preference. The increased is a plus, but maybe not a relevant one. And, the increased processor speed may be nice, but not theoretically as stable as the V or IIIx processor, and may not be enough by itself to warrant buying a Vx over a IIIx. Bottom line, the Vx is a wonderful unit, but I'm not sure it will usefully serve longer than a IIIx (updated with OS 3.3).
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    I agree.. I have an upgraded 3.3 Palm IIIx.
    I travel alot so the built-in batteries become a pain..; the form factor is of no interest to me (the Vx screen is a little smaller; I like all the screen I can get); I tried both side by side at CompuUsa.. didnt see any appreciable speed of the 16 vs 20 mhz; I plan to get the TRG upgrade to 8 megs IF I NEED IT... I may never need it..but if will cost me $83.00.. I got my Palm IIIx for $209... SO... for $292.. I have a
    a "poor man's Vx ! LOL The Vx's list for
    $449 and lowest on web I have seen is $388..
    so is the form factor worth $96-$179 more ?
    PLUS.. those Lithium batteries WILL wear
    out..then what ? Can you replace them ? This
    PDA market like the the whole computer market changes SO FAST..why spend anymore then you have too ! Save it for the next upgrade. I like my "poor man's" Vx !.. Better the the VISOR that "never was".....errrrr delivered!

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    Sorry for the shelf-life thing, but you interpreted it correctly. I meant that the extra memory, which is why so many potential Visor people considered the Visor in the first place, makes things a lot easier. The form-factor thing assumes you don't put your III/whatever in a case. The Vx with the clamshell is impervious-ish to a lot and is the size of a screen-covered, otherwise-naked III. I kept my III in a Dooney & Bourke flip-top case and it was fairly large, much moreso than the Hardshell case.

    As for the batteries, there is an add-on charger that you can get for almost nothing (like $10 or $15) from the Tale-Vibe people or someone else (not sure) but I do 100% agree that having to lug a charger with you is lousy. However, if you're on the road for two weeks in a row and can't bring a charger with you and don't plan on syncing, well, let's just say that I am not in that situation and it doesn't affect me personally. For other people who don't want to bring a cradle with them and don't get that little charger-gizmo, then I agree 100% vis-a-vis the rechargables being more curse than blessing.

    The processor thing really isn't a huge deal, but it does represent an improvement, and the extra memory seems to be a big plus. The only reason I didn't buy the V with a TRG or other upgrade (to 8 or 16MB) is the voiding of the warranty. If I wanted 8MB and no protection from the manufacturer, I would have stuck with Handspring. I haven't seen the screen on the IIIx, so I can't say the Vx's is better, but I know the Vx screen is much better than the Visor's, and of course the IIIx having flash and the capability of improving the graphics with 3.3 is an obvious consideration. However, being that the suggestion was given to someone with no PDA experience, it has been my experience that very few first-time PDA'ers know how to upgrade a flash-enabled device. I've been Piloting since the 1000 and on, so it doesn't phase me, but I figured the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

    As far as the form-factor, I love it, but I agree that the Vx at $200 or more on top of the IIIx isn't worthwhile. Except I ended up paying $350 for the Vx, an extra cradle and the harshell case. So instead of me being out $540 plus tax, I paid about $200 LESS than what most people would pay. But based on list prices and what's available, etc., I do fully agree as far as the IIIx. The form factor being what it is, I do agree that $200 or more is too much on top of the IIIx's price.
    As far as Micro's $300 for an 8MB IIIx sans case and spare charger (and warranty), though, my $350 situation is fine by me. If I hadn't gotten that discount, you bet I'd be right in line behind him for the IIIx.
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    Hey guys!

    why don't you organise Visor Swap Meetings?

    So those which received 5 cradles but now Visor can get in touch with those which have Visors - and no cradles. Would be also great to get the right color. This also worked very well in Russia!

    Those who just ordered could form a Visor-non-user-group.

    Without HS we would even not have such a great message board with such an active community. And you Visorcentral dudes - without Hawkins you would be back on social wellfare!

    PS: no, I wasn't serious.

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    Okay, Hot Carl, one time and one time only. Your last post shows a decided lack of actual knowledge. The Palm V add-on charger is not $10-$15. I believe you are talking about the product which uses a 9 volt battery. Yes, it is a simple way of recharging the V/Vx battery when no electrical outlets are available. Simple because one end attaches to the bottom of the V/Vx and the other has a 9 volt battery connector. But, it costs $30. A far cry from your $10-$15 estimate.

    Also, a IIIx in an E&B Slipper case is still the same size as a V/Vx in the hard clamshell case. The V/Vx may be better protected, but the sized advantage is now gone. You can have size or you can have protection. But, you can't have both.

    Finally, I guess you don't understand how Motorola makes the 20 mhz processor. Or, you wouldn't assume, or proclaim, it is superior. It appears you, simply, subscribe to the faster is better school of thought. I would have hoped we would have all learned by now that this may not always be true.

    Enjoy your Vx. I just hope you'll let others enjoy their choices.
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    Sorry, I forgot to point out that TRG has never made a 8 MB upgrade for the V. Another fact mistake made by Hot Carl.

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