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    I received this reply from Donna this morning. I just wanted to pass it along to everyone since it contains "some" additional information. I will keep you all posted.


    Thanks for your note. I can appreciate your frustration with wanting to get
    the product that you ordered from us. We did get caught up with a lot of
    shipments this past weekend. I've copied my customer relations staff to
    investigate your specific order.

    I apologize for the inconvenience this has cuased you.


    -----Original Message-----
    To: <>
    Date: Friday, November 05, 1999 10:26 PM
    Subject: CC of Message sent to Handspring's Customer Care on November 5.

    >Ms. Dubinsky
    >I have copied you on this message in the event the Customer Care center
    does not
    >respond to my request. I realize you have your Handsfull.
    >I ordered my Blue Visor Deluxe on September 20 and have been patiently
    >ever since, even in the face of other individuals who ordered much later
    >receiving Blue Visor Deluxes. I have contacted your telephone support
    twice to
    >confirm my order and ensure information is correct, including correcting
    >name I use so that it matches my credit card. Based upon statements from
    >Handspring, I understand that "We expect to have all orders shipped no
    >than mid-November."
    >Here are my expectations:
    >I expect my Visor to ship no later than 15 November, which is mid-November.
    >I expect to receive my Visor no later than 16 November because Handspring
    >use overnight shipping.
    >I expect a person knowledgeable about the situation to contact me via the
    >telephone numbers above as soon as possible with specific information about
    >order to understand and clarify my expectations.
    >If I do not receive the service/response I am expecting because of
    >information that I have proactively corrected, I expect some consideration
    >given to me to keep my faith in Handspring.
    >I am having severe misgivings about ordering my Visor, not as much because
    >the waiting times, but because of the company's potential lack of ability
    >support the product once delivered. I can only hope I do not have problems
    >my unit when it arrives.

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    This shows the complete lack of class of ms. dubinsky. "additional information" is in her mind another canned letter (and one with a misspelling i might add).
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    I did notice the misspelling. I was wondering if anyone else would notice it. However, I don't know if I would call this response a "complete lack of class." I CCed Donna on this information that I submitted via the Customer Care form just so it didn't fall into a complete black hole. I really did not expect a response as I indicated at the start of the message to her. I think her response shows some consideration. As well, given the volume of email she must have to go through on this and other issues, a "canned response" may be the only possible kind. I'm not offering any excuses for the shipping situation, but I see the email as a positive response.
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    A few days ago I was pessimistic as to whether or not Donna was actually writing these letters. So, I wrote her one myself, which I have posted elsewhere, and it was turned around on Friday late afternoon in a matter of hours. I was pretty impressed, and I'm starting to think that she might actually be writing these letters.

    The question of pseudo-authorship aside, I haven't read any posts of replies from Donna that were even close to identical or canned. These e-mails are getting actual, personal responses. This says something positive for Handspring, in the midst of all of the problems we have been hearing about.

    Also, Dude, this caught my eye and I thought it was hilarious :

    >Ms. Dubinsky
    >I have copied you on this message in the event the Customer Care center
    does not
    >respond to my request. I realize you have your Handsfull.
    Maybe Handspring should change their name to Handsfull!!!

    MJH <><

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