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    FOSSIL wanted to buy 15 Visor Deluxe.
    Three days of calling order desk finally got through after two hours on hold!
    Placed the order, was asked how we wanted to pay. I started to read of my AMEX number and was told they do not take AMEX and on top of that I could only order ten. Also, I was told each order had to ship to a different address and had to have a different credit card order.
    After all of that, finally got the "two" orders placed. Within two weeks we received three of the Visor Deluxe and two serial cradles. The problem was the Visor's we received were the Graphite colored ones and the serial cradles are Ice!
    Two more calls to Handspring, four more hours of waiting and two weeks of waiting have past...AND STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANYMORE PRODUCTS!


    See Ya!
    Chris Pensata
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    Holy smokes...
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    Well.... (shaking my head).., I have to agree! Amazing... I wish my business back in 1994 started with this kind of demand.. I think I would have found a way to take that
    entire order !
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    Let's get the whole story out there Chris =)

    I'm in the eCommerce group at Fossil. A co-worker and I placed our orders on October 6th, as soon as we could on the web. Fossil was looking at buying Palm IIIx's for their IS department, and I was so excited that I told Chris "Forget Palm, check these out!". So he places a HUGE order on the 9th via the phone (multiple Visor Dx, Serial cradles, etc)and actually receives product before we do. Begin the frustration.

    I don't mind waiting 6 weeks at all - until someone who orders after me starts receiving merchandise before I do (or ANY of us web orders for that matter). I've called Handspring multiple times, and I get the same lines everyone else does. "2 weeks" or "we're rushing it to the warehouse" or "no web orders are shipping" (outright lie after reading this board).

    I'm going to wait for my Handspring, and I'm sure I'll be satisfied with it. But for them not to contact the web order people or update their shipping information online is plain wrong. I'm sure they could get a kid to structure updates like that.

    If you want to see how eCommerce is done, visit You can get instant confirmation, a tracking number when your product ships, and friendly people that support the site that can answer your questions truthfully.

    Thing is, I know Fossil will buy more Palm units in the future. But from Handspring??????

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    Fossil watches?
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    OK! so I left out how our eCommerce guys set us up for this little "disappointment."

    Bottom line is we are really happy with the three that we received but we are tired of waiting for the others!
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    Yes sir, Fossil watches, sunglasses, and leather goods. Based in Richardson TX, known worldwide. =)
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    Richardson!? I grew up in Dallas (okay, Midlothian - 20 minutes south) and didn't even know that! Can I get a proximity discount on a new watch? I still live in Texas! Please?
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    Tell you what, we'll do free 2-day shipping, and free gift box/card for you. How's that? =)

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    Wow! My hometown is Austin and never knew Fossil was within the confines of Tx. How about that?
    I have about 80 users, most of which do alot of road travel. Most of them (unkowingly to them) could actually be better off using a Palm device vice actually carrying a bulky laptop. I usually get to play with the "e-toys" and see how it could fit in our game plan. I really think the Visor would allow unknown flexibility to not only our dept. but our users work ethics, its a shame HS is struggling. Still waiting since 9/30. :-)

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    Fosl, et al:

    So what's the bottom line? Did whoever suggest this company buy from Handspring get fired?

    All I know is that if I was buying PDA's and I had chosen Handspring with the requisite jerk-around that pervades everything from ordering to customer service to tech support to replacement to returns, I wouldn't be working for my company for very long.

    Moreover, if I treated my customers like Handspring has treated theirs, my company wouldn't be in business for very long.
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    Did the person that recommend the Visors get fired? Hmmmmmmm........Interesting question. No, he did not get fired (I think he knows someone! LOL).

    As we start another week of waiting.....

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    There are sooooo many ecommerce sites that work much more smoothly than Handspring's. I suggested in another thread that Handspring should have contracted with one of them to sell product instead of trying to create a jury-rigged system and beta test it on us!

    I also ordered my Visor with an eye toward evaluating it for my workplace...and I'm still waiting. Yet another reason why you shouldn't alienate early adopters....

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