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    So far I have only read of one received web order. Anyone other e-customers gotten theirs yet?
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    I'm not sure if that one web order was true or not. HS has been shipping in batches, so we should have heard more than just that one reply. Of course, not all people who ordered are visorcentral members, so I could be wrong on that one. I ordered on 10/6 and haven't heard a peep from HS. The last time I spoke with them, they said a large shipment was due to go out next week (11/8). I hope they are on time!
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    ordered 10/9, online received 11/4, location Oregon, FEDEX overnight. CC not charged yet but packing indicated an amount of 275.95 will be charged. But I must give the credit to Sandy. Kudos to Sandy.
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    Did you call them at any point and ask them to expedite it? Is Sandy a CSR that helped you out?

    Just trying to figure out if they are indeed shipping them in mass or just one or two special cases.
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    That doesn't surprise me. I'm glad you got your order and all but that gives me the impression that people at handspring couldn't pour **** out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel. You wouldn't happen to be willing to share with the rest of us how you got your order would you? I ordered online on 10/6 and I shouldn't even be complaining considering that there are customers out there who ordered in September and have yet to receive their visors. What concerns me is the apparent lack of ability to ship orders in a First In First Out fashion. How hard can this be? Granted, I am just a silly computer scientist living in academia, ignorant of the "real world." I'm begining, however, to feel as though I've been e-screwed. I can't imagine how those who ordered in September must feel. Palm Pilots are looking better and better by the day.
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    Hear, hear, Variable! I am right there with ya. I ordered online on 10/6 7:30am PST and I am within the first 100 orders. I am also in Seattle, which is pretty damn close to midD. Is it the bitchy wheel gets the grease? I haven't called or emailed once because I felt that I didn't have the right to complain while the September orders remained unfilled. I have been glued to this damn site pretty much everyday since it opened--lurking about--and it is really driving me nutz! I mean come on here! I have been developing e-commerce sites for years! Even in the early days of online ordering it would have been hard to screw up this bad and it's not like they have a lot of friggin products. Of any batch of orders they have, *ours* should be the only ones that have even the slightest hint of data integrity since we entered them ourselves and not some smeghead who scribbled five people's order data on a yellow postit note and faxed it with 10,000 other postit notes to some outsourced shipping company that is all sales jargon and no experience.


    Sorry for the rant.
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    Up until now I have been patiently waiting. I have not called, emailed or harrassed one single person from Handspring. I understand that there will be problems. I ordered on 10/6 online and figured I had no right to complain since people still haven't received from the first day.. Now, it seems like the only way to get your product is to ***** and moan at Handspring. I don't like working that way and don't feel anyone should have to. I feel like I'm being penalized for being a pateint understanding consumer... What a load!

    Yeah, yeah I know there's nothing new being said here, but I wanted to throw in my $.02
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    It was the best $0.02 you ever spent. Well said.
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    I place my web order on 10/6. I waited patiently until 10/25 when I called to change my order. They had no record of it. The rep. noticed a gap where my order number was, he also noticed several other gaps. I had to reorder (and get at the back of the queue).

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