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    Well, considering some of us are gung-ho to get a Visor no matter what, I'm happy that I got one and it broke.

    I refer to it as a "lucky bounce" in that it fell less than three feet onto a carpeted floor and died. What's lucky is that I got to deal with customer service and technical support before the 30-day return period. The former, btw, is clueless, and the tech support basically is there to tell you to return the unit and to call customer service to do this.

    So you know, this company will return your replaced/repaired unit to you two weeks after receiving it, unless you specify "rapid replacement," which means, for $30, they will promise to get you a Visor the next day, only to not bother sending one out. Unless rapid replacement means it will take seven days to get to you.

    All of you gung-ho to get Visors, make sure you put your product through its paces within thirty days so if it breaks, you can sever all ties with this company before they screw you for $250 or more. A good product is one thing; a good product without customer service and technical support is worthless. If you guys want to count the hours until you are given the privilege of being a Handspring customer and go in blind, so be it.

    Either way, good luck.
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    Hot Carl, why have you made it your personal crusade to systematically go through every single thread in Visor Central and interject your negativity into the mix? I must admit that I am at a lost to understand it. You are acting worse than a person who has just gone through a divorce because his or her spouse cheated on them with several people! I for one have decided to just scroll on past any post that has "Hot Carl" written on it. Do you work for 3Com and feel spurned by Donna, Jeff and Ed or something?

    I too am frustrated by Handspring, but this type of behavior is totally unnecessary!

    I'm afraid that 10cc's of Lighten Up won't do it. We need 40cc's and a cardiac needle here!

    MJH <><
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    I've kind of noticed there's quite a few people doing that sort of thing. I can understand a person making one announcement that they're cancelling an order, but why do people get on here for days afterward talking about it over and over?

    Something I thought about that put things in perspective for me: Walter Payton just died waiting for a vital organ donation, and I was complaining about waiting for a PDA.
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    I am personally offended that you would think Eric Cartman wants us to blame Canada.....

    Everybody knows that it was all Kyle's Mom....

    Who knows how to spell Canada?
    C, eh, N, eh, D, eh


    Is that a good dose of LightenUp?

    BTW--if you haven't read my other posts--I love my Visor!

    "the BAND!"
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    Well, i think the problem is that a lot of people bought Visors and expected Handspring to keep them - which they couldn't for some "technical" problems or whatever.
    I sorta know what Hot Carl feels, because I'm really ticked at Handsrping for their incompetence, but at the same time, I still support it and would bear with any problems they have, but as long as they acknowledge the problem publicly, and can have a realistic date of shipping and maybe a compensation of a stylii pens or so may help.
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    ...what was that? "Walter Payton just died..." - so that puts things in perspective?

    Where the hell are you from? Connecticut?

    People die everyday waiting for liver transplants, heart transplants, bus accidents,poverty, etc. etc.

    How does that put anything into perspective?

    Let me tell you a joke I heard once...

    There's this kid with really bad acne,I mean really bad! He's walking down the street feeling sorry for himself, thinking no girl will ever date him, falling ever so swiftly into a sea of self-pity. Just about then, he looks up to notice a quadrapalegic being pushed in a wheelchair down the sidewalk coming towards him. Immediately, he thinks to himself...DAMN! And here I was feeling sorry for myself...when I could be THAT guy.

    About that time, the kid and the guy in the wheelchair pass each other, and the kid hears the quadrapalegic say to the guy pushing his wheelchair, "Holy crap! Did you see that kid's face?!?"

    It's all relative, and Walter Payton's death, albeit sad, has nothing to do with gripping about wanting our visors. Jeesh!

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