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    Ya know,I can't help but wonder what all the springboard guys are thinking. You're a young company, investing a ton of money into a Springboard for this so-called Visor. But as of yet all you can do is sit by the sideline a bite your nails as all this chaos goes down. It'd make me nervous if I was the CEO of Innogear. I most certainly hope that they're putting behind the scenes pressure on Handspring. Any hope that this is the case?
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    Handspring sucks! Now I'm told that my September order will be here in 3 weeks from today! That means a wait time of over 10 weeks. This burns me since people who ordered in October are getting units. What happened to the "September orders will be given priority" nonsense.
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    I ordered SEpt. 24 but cancelled Nov 1 and bought a Palm IIIx... This decision is looking better everyday ! I am most disappointed in this whole thing.. I WAS
    excited and jumped on the bandwagon but I jumped off before it crashed ! Good Luck.
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    They're not too worried because they know there's a 50-50 chance Handspring fails, but at least if that happens then another company (the letters P-A-L-M come to mind) will come in and license the technology and have the organizational abilities to make sure it proliferates. That's why I dumped Handspring and the Visor. Until a legitimate, competent company comes on board, I don't see much of any reason to maintain my initial excitement. Sort of like a new Betamax manufactured by a small group of three founding Sony engineers. Good ideas and good implementation of same don't always go (no pun intended) hand in hand, and in this case, the intentions and the idea are on opposite sides of the theoretical globe.


    Oh, and if Handspring _doesn't_ immediately fail, then they know that there's a small base of installed Visor owners who will eventually move to Palm or TRG units when Handspring _does_ eventually close its doors, which in turn would also result in continued proliferation of the springboard (by that four-letter company again ;-).
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    How are they doing?
    Called them last night to see if CSR Walter got my order corrected as he promised on Monday (First order was 14 Sept, but they lost or mangled it four times) and spoke to CSR Sasha. She had little information for me so I requested to speak with the supervisor. She said Gorden, the supervisor, just left for a break and wont be back for a half hour. I said I'd wait - she was shocked, but what's another 30 mins when I was already on hold for 45? She came back on the line in 5 mins, asked me my name and forwarded me to Gordon's voice mail. I left my name and number and told him to call me back, and that I'll be waiting for his call. Needless to say, he never called.

    How are they doing? - They're not doing anthing at all. I've seen no evidence of 'turning the corner'. They have not answered my e-mails or calls or have tried to contact me in any way. I haven't received any complimentary stilus, explination, or apology. They're committing corporate suicide. Everyone at work (NASA Johnson Space Center) was waiting to see my Visor because they were interested in getting one also, but not anymore, NOT ANYMORE.
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    Thumbs down on service but thumbs up on the actual product
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    Thumbs up,
    I got my visor in the 4th week of my order (including getting it shipped by a third party internationally to the UK).
    The product is great, I'm wondering how I coped without it.
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    I read your post and experienced Deja Vu
    all over again (yogi berra).... I TOO
    spoke with Sasha at one time.. EXACT SAME
    ROUTINE... I asked for a Supervisor..she said Gorden "just left" on break..put me in his
    voice mail.. and lo and behold.. HE NEVER
    called me back... Sounds like they have a
    "routine" to get folks off the phone..
    UNREAL ! What are the chances of us both calling in when Gorden "just left" for lunch, etc., etc.... REAL UNPROFESSIONAL...I am glad I bailed out on 11/1/99...that all I can say !

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    I learned my lesson early. After the second call I started keeping records of dates and names etc. Got quite a stack right now. With luck maybe all this will be resolved and I'll never have to call them again.
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