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  1. tma
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    Ordered - 10/6
    Recieved - 11/3
    Ordered - on Web
    Carrier - Fed Ex overnight (paid for standard)
    Model - Deluxe blue

    I ordered on the first day the web page accepted orders. Four weeks ago to the day. Everything works ok. (no streaking, no cracked CD, no tax charge, etc.)
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  3. RJT
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    Yes Virginia...there is a Santa Claus!
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    Where did you order from ? (city, state)
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    can we ask what your order number was, also?
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    Great news for the folks that ordered by web. However, I'm really getting steamed. Ordered on 10/4 via phone & yet no visor. It's going to NJ. CSRs spew the same rhetoric as we've heard before. No real answers, just suspicions. Enjoy your visor. I'm sure I will, if it ever shows.
  7. tma
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    My order number was in the 1200's and was shipped to Tucson, AZ.
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    Congratulations! Hopefully the East Coast will be getting ours soon. I am curious though...When did they charge your card? I ordered on the same day, only my # was 1056 and I have yet to be charged or receive the Visor. Hopefully this is an omen!
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    dare we dream? I'm on the East coast also.. Any ideas what prompted the FedEx delivery?
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    Glad you received your Blue Deluxe,
    I'm still waiting for one ordered on the phone September 24.
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    Congrats to you web order folks, it's nice to know us 9/16 orders are getting slammed so you guys can get yours within the 4-6 week timeframe. Enjoy it! Use it a little extra for me.


  12. RJT
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    We Told you!
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    Something must have happened. I don't buy it that all of 10/6 online orders have been shipped yet. We don't even have a way to verify that tma has actually gotten theirs.
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    I placed my order on the web on 10/6 as well. I live on the Eastern Shore of MD, so we'll see how long it takes to get from ocean to ocean!

    Maybe it will be here tomorrow!!

    And I hope everyone who ordered before me gets theirs tomorrow too!

    Hell... I hope EVERYBODY gets theirs tomorrow...

    ...while visions of Visors danced in their heads... (sorry, it's late and I'm tired)

  15. JAK
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    tma - has you card been charged for the shipment?

    And did you complain alot, resulting in a Fed Ex??
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    Very interesting. My order was the same as tma's, only I *did* pay for overnight shipping. The order number was in the low 1000's, placed in the wee hours of October 6. No sign of it yet.
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    <whine> Ditto... ordered 10/6, around noon, order number in the 1600's - no charge and no sign (maybe tonight????) and I paid(?) for express shipping, too. </whine>
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    How do you guys know when your credit card is charged anyway? I filled up at a gas station with one of those card-reading pumps and it took several days for that charge to show up on the Citibank Mastercard web site.

    It also looks like HS has recently modified the web site so that:

    1) you can check whether or not your order is in their database again and
    2) they admit that shipping info will not be posted on the web, presumably to keep all of us online orderers from crashing their server by checking every day.
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    Good grief! If you ordered in October sit tight! We first weekers haven't gotten ours yet.
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    Can't we fidget a little as long as we don't tie up the 888 number or the web site?
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