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    I couldn't stand it...I wrote's her reply and my orignal letter below it...


    Thanks for taking the time to write me your note. I am very aware of the
    many frustrated customers. As I explained on the web site, we experienced
    some corrupted files as we transitioned from the order system to the
    shipping system. This has been brutal to fix, and we're spending day and
    night trying to untangle the info. The customer support reps have not had
    great visibility because part of the data problem has made it difficult to
    give order status. I've tried to be very open and frank about this. We're
    not happy with the situation, and not proud of our rocky start. We're
    shipping slowly now, as we validate data, and paying for overnight
    shipments, etc. I do feel the worst is behind us because as soon as I feel
    we have a clean database, we can ship in greater numbers.

    Thanks for your patience. I apologize for the frustration this has caused
    you. I've copied our customer relations staff to see if they can get you
    status on your specific order.


    -----Original Message-----

    I hesitate to write this note now because I would rather you spend your time
    on fixing your production, shipping and customer service problems rather
    than focus on one individual's issues. However, I also own a business and
    would want to know the good and the bad from a consumer's point of view
    since it is sometimes different from what I perceive my customers and
    clients are seeing...
    I'm an early adapter...waited in line to order the first Mac in 84 (my kids
    still have it!). Many computers and nerd gadgets later, I hadn't jumped
    into the PDA fray until Handspring. I haven't been this excited about
    something since that intial Mac frenzy. I ordered my blue deluxe in
    September by phone.
    I was told that I would receive an e-mail confirmation of my order within a
    week and my Visor by the 15th of October. Neither of those things occurred.
    I did call about two weeks after I ordered and asked if my e-mail address
    was correct on my order since I hadn't received my confirmation. It was but
    the CSR also told me that I shouldn't have been told that I would get an
    e-mail confirmation of my order because Handspring was only doing that for
    people that ordered via the web site. However, my order was there and I was
    told it would probably go out early so I should have my Visor in about two
    Time passed and no Visor and I call again and am told that there is a
    problem with my Visor because the order taker had not put down my middle
    initial and the credit card couldn't be charged. I thought this was weird
    but gave my middle initial and they said I should have my Visor in about two
    weeks (hmm, where have I heard that before?). They also allow as how they
    will move this up to supervisor status. Next day I call the credit card
    company who says that Handspring already had the authorization to charge my
    credit card and they didn't understand that middle initial business. How
    excited do you think I feel about my Visor and Handspring now, Donna?
    I have been active on a few of the Visor discussion groups. There was a LOT
    of excitement out there about the Visor that is slowly being killed by your
    customer service problems, Donna. I have seen several people "bail" and
    cancel their Visor orders and have their new Palm overnight...
    Although I do not have my Visor yet and I am not holding my breath nor
    canceling my order, I do have some good news for you. Yesterday I spoke
    with a CSR named Jason. I only had to wait about five minutes rather than
    several hours on the previous phone calls. Please give Jason a raise or at
    least let him train your other CSRs. Before we even got into the nuts and
    bolts of what was going on with my order he apologized for your company.
    Said he was sorry for what was happening and that he would try to straighten
    it out for me. Asked if I had seen your apology on the web site (which I
    had). He actually acknowledged that there were indeed problems and you were
    slowly getting each and every one of them solved. That shred of compassion
    and honesty goes a LONG LONG way toward soothing the savage beast.
    I am hoping to see my Visor soon. If you do have someone to pass this off
    to who can expedite my order I would certainly appreciate it. I'd like to
    be able to tell everyone in my office and everyone on the national real
    estate tech listserves I participate in that the Visor is the greatest thing
    since sliced bread (ok, this is real about since the cellular
    phone :> )?).
    You're earning that vacation you're going to take next year the hard way. I
    wish you much success.
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    It appears you got expedited to nowhere...perhaps it'll show up Monday FedEx...along with the rest of the Sept Gang.
    I'm still trying to see if the letters and "personal" responses yield anything...only ragamuffinn seems to have gotten one as a result of "personal" contact.
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    Betsy, if you value your job and what others think of you and your opinion, I would highly recommend you contact tech support and see if you feel comfortable with their lack of familiarity with the product. Then, after doing this, call Palm's tech support and do the same. I'd be (sic) surprised if you even would consider doing business with Handspring thereafter.

    Ms. Dubinsky finds it most convenient to apologize for the shipping and ordering failures, but the technical support issue seems to be the concern that will be the final nail in the coffin. Try buying a car or a technology product, especially in connection with your job, that offers miserable customer service and support. Personally, I have advised everyone I know to wait if they are still considering a Visor, and fortunately most have bought Palm V or Vx units. Especially regarding business-people whose lives are severely tied to their packed schedules, it seems to me that anyone willing to gamble with their job on a company as incompetent and unresponsive as Handspring hasn't considered the entire picture.

    Good luck.

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